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Food Additive User's Handbook.

FOOD ADDITIVE USER'S HANDBOOK. Edited by J Smith. 286 pages wit index. Price: 68.00 [pound]. (UK: The Blackie Publishing Group)

This book carries chapters that each discuss the uses of particular additives and their characteristics. This enables those involved in developing new products to check on the function of a particular class of additives and the tabular matter and notes therein will give guidance as to the necessary characteristics sought. Quite deliberately, much of the matter is tabular because this is quicker when checking details for use.

The fifteen major classes of additives discussed and codified are identified by the chapter headings as follows Anti-oxidants, Sweeteners, Flavourings, Colours, Preservatives, Enzymes, Nutritive additives, Emulsifiers, Baking agents, Hydrocolloids, Antifoam and release agents, Flour improvers and raising agents, Gases, and Chelating agents.

Some sixteen authors were involved in creating this text and in the front one finds information as to how to use it. These notes provide concise details of what one can expect to find in each chapter. Take Chapter 6 as an example: it is on enzymes and after a brief introduction on enzymology, concentrates on the parameters which affect the choice of enzymes for food application, legislation and handling. Table 6.3 covers in detail the sources and characteristics of enzymes used in food processing and Table 6.4 lists the current applications of en in food processing. As another example, Chapter 11 is on hydrocolloids and it begins with a classification, notes the structure and applications of food hydrocolloids and then concentrates on their properties and indicates criteria for their selection.
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Date:Jul 1, 1991
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