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Food, Facts and Fictions.

Basically, this book is addressed to the non scientific community and aims to provide such readers with the information they need to evaluate the possible health risks and benefits of different foods. It contains information on anticancer food ingredients as well as the naturally occurring toxins, carcinogens and micro-organisms that cause disease. The author discusses the harmful substances that occur in foods, both those found naturally and those introduced by man. The text discusses various issues, like food label abuses, pesticide use and residues, and the merits of alternative agriculture.

Being American, this book naturally demonstrates how the US Food and Drug Administration attempts to safeguard the American food supply and illustrates both correct and proper protection and inadequate arrangements. It goes on to discuss the ingredients used in food production and looks at 'health foods'.

The 8 chapters are entitled; America's food supply; The organic myth; Those gorgeous veggies; Toxins in the garden; Poisons in the teapot; The sorting process; Ingredients that protect against cancer; and Moving forward.

This is not one of those books designed to scare but is an attempt to inform, so that you can make sensible judgements as to food safety.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Oct 1, 1992
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