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Following builds for e-cigarettes.

MIAMI -- Though tobacco sales have stagnated in recent years, market researchers say sales of electronic cigarettes are on the rise. According to a report from UBS Investment Research, the e-cigarette market is projected to reach $500 million by the end of this year.

As those numbers surge, makers of traditional tobacco cigarettes are acknowledging e-cigarettes as serious competition. Customers want to feel good about what they smoke and seek options to tobacco cigarettes as taxes rise and smoking's social stigma grows.

Marketers of e-cigarettes say that savvy retailers who recognize this rapidly growing category can create a reliable revenue stream with high margins from the sale of e-cigarettes and related items because they are not one-time purchases.

A recent Market Watch survey revealed that 88% of the consumers who purchase the Green Smoke brand of electronic cigarettes intend to repurchase.

Consumers who use e-cigarettes still enjoy the experience of smoking without the social stigma and other negative effects of tobacco smoke, such as inhaling tar, producing messy ashes and carrying an unpleasant tobacco smell.

However, Green Smoke executives say, it is important for retailers to know that not all electronic cigarettes are created equal.

"Green Smoke's proprietary Flavor Shield technology ensures the long-lasting, robust flavors and satisfying sensation that smokers expect," chief operating officer Joe Gorelick says. "Our unique signature flavors and innovative technology enable us to create a product that keeps consumers coming back for more, with fewer product returns."

Green Smoke invests heavily in testing and in-line quality control, he says. The company employs an in-house team of chemists and engineers with pharmaceutical experience to ensure consistency and quality in all products.


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Title Annotation:Supplier News
Publication:Chain Drug Review
Date:Dec 17, 2012
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