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Following Mason's example.

As a longtime "across the river" reader of The CPA Journal, I always try to make sure I read Louis Grumet's column in the front of the publication and Mary-Jo Kranacher's editorial at the back. In the September editorial ("Accounting: A Profession or an Industry? Part II"), I was intrigued to see the reference to Eli Mason's July 1994 article, "Public Accounting--No Longer a Profession?"

In the fall of 1994, as president of the NJSCPA I, too, made reference to Mason's article in my regular column in our society newsletter. Somehow Mason became aware of my reference, and he sent me a handwritten note and a copy of his "Credo for a CPA." I framed both the note and credo and have them on the wall in my office, where I can see them on a daily basis.

I am of the opinion that if more of our fellow CPAs had paid attention to what was being written in 1994, and to things like Mason's credo, words like "Enron," "WorldCom," "SOX," and "Madoff" might not be in our vocabulary today.

I never had an opportunity to meet Eli Mason. I wish I had.

Bernie Gingras, CPA

Gingras, Collister, Babinski & Co.

Fairfield, N.J.


* To serve the public from whom my authority is derived.

* To serve my profession and contribute to its institutions.

* To practice at the highest professional level.

* To maintain an ethical posture characteristic of a learned profession.

* To maintain my ethical skills so that the public is served with competence.

* To maintain a state of independence at all times so that decisions are reached with objectivity.

* To work with my colleagues--for the practice of a profession is an experience in human behavior and mutual respect

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Title Annotation:inbox: letters to the editor
Author:Gingras, Bernie
Publication:The CPA Journal
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Date:Nov 1, 2009
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