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Follow trail of the mills; Country Walks.

Byline: Ron Weston

THIS easy walk is just over the border in Leicestershire and the waymarking is excellent.

We pass an old water mill and then a windmill in Ullesthorpe that is being restored. A part of the route follows an old railway line through a golf course.

HOW TO GET THERE FROM Coventry go to Wolvey and pass the church on the right and follow the main road past Gallifords, also on the right. Turn right into Mill Lane and at the end turn right and then left to Copston Magna. Continue to the A5 at High Cross and cross carefully to the sign for Claybrooke a little to the right and proceed to the village. After the sawmill on the right, turn second left into Bell Street and park near the bottom. GR 494885.

CLIMB the stile at the bottom of Bell Street and head down the field parallel with the hedge on the right and climb a stile at the bottom.

Maintain direction to reach the water mill and go forward over a pair of footbridges and through a bridle gate to follow the hedge on the right to its corner. Cross the open field following the power lines into the corner and turn right over a footbridge to follow the trail through a spinney and go out to the road.

Turn left to the road junction at the top of the hill and turn right over a stile. Aim across the centre of the field to a waymark post and in the next field head towards the white farmhouse and exit on to the road. Turn right and continue to the railway bridge and in a further 100 yards turn right down the waymarked steps and turn right into the field corner.

Turn left to the end of the field and walk on for 25 yards and turn right up the steps on to the old railway line. Turn left for 20 yards and enter the field on your right through a kissing gate. Go on along the foot of the railway bank to enter the golf course at the next kissing gate and continue straight ahead with the hedge on your left almost to the end of the golf course. Look for the waymark post where the footpath divides and veer gently right on a Tarmac path to go out to the road between the houses.

Turn left along Mill Road and at the end turn right to pass the Chequers Inn and then the Swan Inn and descend on the pavement to join the main road. Turn right to the church at Claybrooke Parva seen ahead and follow the road around a double bend to the main church entrance. Walk on for 100 yards to the end of the garden wall and turn right through the kissing gate. (The unusual tree on your left with the spiral bark is the sweet chestnut introduced by the Romans.) Follow the hedge on your right though the fields to return to Bell Street.
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Apr 5, 2008
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