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Byline: Drew Janda @drewjanda Bio: Ready to have a baby

Alright so nobody at this party wants to talk about Palestine.

Hey mom. Not so good. This person wrote a facebook status that I disagree with.

A penny for your thoughts, here, at cash 4 thoughts.

Every time a comic says: "Here's the thing", an angel starts a podcast.

Sometimes I play sudoku just so I can finish something and have answers.

Blood is thicker than water, and filled with nutrients. Hi, I'm Nosferatu and you know, there's been a lot of misinformation going around.

Welcome to the passive aggressive news hour. Nice of you to tune in. I suppose you want to hear our top story.

My milkshake brings all the bees to my car.

I spilled all over my car. Bees are inside of my car. They could kill me, I'm allergic to bees.

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Nov 27, 2015
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