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Foliage and branches for the bouquet maker.

Foliage and branches for the bouquet maker To add variety and bulk to bouquets, it's handy to have a ready supply of foliage and branches in a variety of colors and textures. As you add branches and greenery, bouquets loosen up and have a more natural look.

Shown above are nine small- to moderate-size plants with foliage or branches that are particularly long-lasting and vesatile in arrangements. Buckets on the right hold two kinds of branches you can buy from florists--or perhaps collect from your own or a friendly neighbor's tree.

Fern fronds and ivy tendrils produce prodigiously and blend with flowers of all kinds. Branches that are bare or have just-emerging leaves or buds evoke the transition from winter into early spring; try them with a few freesias or some early roses, and perhaps a strand of ivy.

Big leaves and narrow blades work well in dramatic mixtures or ones with an Oriental flair. Float a single fatsia leaf with camellias, or try bronze flax with sprays of orange rose hips and gladiolus.

If you want a close-at-hand supply of boughs and foliage, plant in the ground or in a big container and fertilize often. If you're planning to cut foliage often and in quantity, buy several of each plant, and choose an out-of-the-way site where it won't matter if plants look sparse.

For more ideas on creating bouquets and on other materials to use, watch for the work of experts in stylish restaurants, hotels, and boutiques. You'll often see arrangements with no flowers at all--just branches, bits of bark and moss, graceful grasses, or seed pods.
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Date:Feb 1, 1990
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