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Fold-up playhouse made from two sheets of plywood.

Fold-up playhouse made from two sheets of plywood

Children's imagination knows no boundswhen it comes to playing house. The space can be as simple as big cardboard boxes or chair backs and blankets, but even so, putting up, taking down, and storing the materials can be cumbersome. The simple structure pictured here, made from two 4-by 8-foot sheets of 1/2-inch plywood, simply folds on two piano hinges to store flat against the wall.

Though Karen Fothergill and Herb Berrydesigned the playhouse for a preschool class in Eugene, Oregon, you could vary its dimensions to suit your space.

One hinge connects the plywood to thewall of the room; the other holds the two sheets together. The unhinged end is held in place by two cam-type draw latches, the sockets of which are mounted on a 4-foot-high wood strip nailed to the wall. Furniture casters set into 2-by-4 blocks notched into the bottoms of the plywood sheets help them move smoothly across the floor.

A 7 1/2-inch-high by 30-inch-long windowin each panel is good for talking to neighbors, reciting the grocery list, or performing puppet shows. Doors, 18 inches wide, in 24- and 40-inch heights, open to whatever the imagination has in store: queens, cowboys, or the family dragon.

Photo: Cozy inside their colorful plywood playhouse, children cluster around to listen to a story

Photo: Folded up on two pianohinges, playhouse makes bright graphic against wall

Photo: To steady structure, latcheshold plywood to wood strip mounted on the wall

Photo: Topped with carpet, woodwedges fit over threshold to minimize stumbles

Photo: Painted flower box and shutters framelong window that becomes stage for puppet shows or other imaginative theater, to the delight of pint-size audience
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Date:Feb 1, 1987
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