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Fold down the shutters when the sun gets too bright.

Fold down the shutters

when the sun gets too bright

Admirable at any other time, the stainedglass wedges in this bedroom were simply an annoyance at 6 A.M. In the early morning, the sun that streamed in through the east-facing windows proved as relentless a wake-up device as an alarm clock.

What was needed was a sun blocker that could be folded completely out of the way. For homeowner Lars Legreid, cabinetmaker Harold Greene of San Pedro, California, designed and built ceiling-hinged panel shutters.

Wooden toggles fixed to the paneled ceiling pivot to hold the shutters up, revealing all the glass. When shutters are down, quarter-circle sections set into their lower inside corners depict a stylized moonrise. Leather tabs screwed to the edges of the shutters make them easy to open.

Though the ceiling-at about 9 feet-is high, the wooden-lidded brick box next to the fireplace provides a 16-inch-tall step that lets Mr. Legreid reach the toggles and tabs without straining.
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Date:Oct 1, 1988
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