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Foghorn Requiem; ARTS COUNCIL AWARD.

MORE than 50 ships and 65 musicians gathered at Souter Lighthouse to perform the Foghorn Requiem together with the Lighthouse's foghorn itself.

The event was a celebration of the sound of the foghorn, and a gathering of people and ships coming together to listen to its majestic honk, one last time.

Foghorn Requiem was performed by three brass bands: Felling Band, the Westoe Band and the NASUWT Riverside Band, ships at sea and the Souter Lighthouse Foghorn.

Artists Lise Autogena and Joshua Portway collaborated with composer Orlando Gough to create an event that incorporated this sense landscape, memory and space into the musical composition.

New technology allowed ships horns several miles off shore to play together in time with the fine musicians on shore.

Lise says: "I feel very excited - not only for myself, but also for all the people who made The Foghorn Requiem a reality. This was really a project that could only happen by people in the region making it happen: around 250 people on their vessels out at sea, the 500 people out on the DFDS Seaways ferry, the marine college, the brass bands on land, the Souter Lighthouse keepers and their passion for their foghorn, all the volunteers, the audiences and their responses - and everyone - this was a unique and rare one off event created by everyone who was there - so it deserves a prize.

"My highlight of 2013 was the moment when all the vessels first sounded their horns in response to the orchestra on land - chords that moved across the sea -I have never heard anything like that before - it was true magic."
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Apr 16, 2014
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