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Focusing on herd consistency. (Marketing to Livestock and Dairy Producers).

Philosophies concerning swine health and production efficiencies continue to evolve. That's why Pharmacia Animal Health, Kalamazoo, Mich., created the Consistent Pork Program--a system that gives veterinarians and pork producers a new way of improving profitability by reducing variability in their production systems.

Bruce Quinn, director of global pork for Pharmacia Animal Health, explains that in today's intense production systems, it is important for groups of pigs to grow at similar rates and finish at the same time. Yet variation in size and numbers often occurs because of several factors, including disease, management, genetics and diet.

"The goal of reducing variability challenges the common viewpoint of always striving to maximize average performance and reduce production costs," Quinn says. "The focus of the Consistent Pork Program is to produce groups of pigs that are consistent in weight and numbers so production facilities and inputs --such as feed--are best utilized. Ultimately, a more uniform product is produced for slaughter plants."

The Consistent Pork Program is a management program that:

* Calculates the opportunity cost of attrition and inconsistent growth in a swine herd;

* Pinpoints the disease factors responsible; and

* Provides targeted medication interventions for the entire life cycle of the herd.

"It's an ongoing program by which we can help our customers track herd performance and calculate their economic return from implementing targeted interventions to reduce variability caused by disease," Quinn adds.

Working with experts on swine variability, Pharmacia has created tools that provide veterinarians and producers with a better understanding of how variability impacts their operation. For example, Pharmacia Animal Health's exclusive Total Opportunity Planner enables producers to pinpoint where variability is occurring and calculate its opportunity cost.

Then, diagnostic work becomes a critical part of the process. "Working with their veterinarian, diagnostic work is conducted to determine the specific pathogens contributing to herd variation," Quinn says. "That way a management program can be implemented that's based on science and is in line with the responsible use of animal health interventions."

By providing the expertise, management and diagnostic tools, and animal health products, Pharmacia creates tailored programs for their customers. "We believe the Consistent Pork Program will allow producers to capitalize on the equality and economic benefits of improved herd consistency."
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Publication:Agri Marketing
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Date:Mar 1, 2003
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