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Focusing on biotechnology and environmental protection.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, a world leader in serving science, showcased a range of products designed to enhance the rapidly expanding fields of biotechnology and environmental protection at ACHEMA 2009. The company demonstrated a variety of technologies that enable users to streamline biotechnology processes for more efficient cell culture. It also exhibited products that are designed to maintain a clean environment, while maximizing personnel and product protection.

Streamlining Biotechnology

A selection of Thermo Scientific products for biotechnology were displayed. Providing a complete biotechnology solution, these products can be used to optimize cell culture practices and experimental set-up. The Thermo Scientific Nunc Hydrocell low-binding surface provides reduced cell adhesion and protein adsorption for maximum sample recovery in single-cell and cell-clusters in suspension. This enables researchers to grow in-suspension cells that are sensitive to unwanted activation and differentiation signals arising from cell adhesion. The product facilitates enzyme-free cell harvesting. Cell dissociation occurs simply upon a change in temperature, which negates the need for cell scraping. Therefore, cell viability is maintained along with the integrity of surface receptors and antigens.

Revolutionizing Clean Environments

The Thermo Scientific Safe 2020 Class II biological safety cabinet combines innovative DC motor technology with H14 HEPA filters to guarantee a maximum filtration efficiency of 99.95% at the most penetrating particle size.

Providing an optimized environment for cell cultures to be protected and thrive, the Thermo Scientific HERAcell i cell culture CO2 incubator range combines ease of use with the proven ContraCon contamination control. The exclusive ContraCon system uses a highly effective moist heat process to completely decontaminate the chamber without the need to remove any components. Furthermore, this range is available with 100 per cent pure copper antimicrobial surfaces.

The Thermo Scientific MaxQ 8000 series of stackable shakers offer a high level of performance, reliability and space savings compared to traditional orbital shakers. With a built-in HEPA filter, the chances of cross-contamination are minimized and the air inside the chamber remains clean.

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Date:Jul 1, 2009
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