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Focus on the Family does not so love the world.

When CBS aired the John 3:16 commercial during the Broncos-Patriots playoff game, they clearly opened the door. Every other belief system, and every organization that supports equality for people who are LGBT, needs to demand their right to walk through the same door.

I am a Christian woman, but Christianity is no more valid than any other belief system. One of the least Christian things I can do is to believe that my beliefs are more than just that, beliefs. I have no knowledge about who and what God is or isn't. Neither does any other person in the world.

I have never been able to reconcile my belief in a loving God with the belief that a person has to be Christian to go to heaven. God loves the Muslim world too. And God loves the atheist world. CBS needs to make sure that they air commercials that support equality in religious advertising.


I learned John 3:16 as a child. It contains the word, "whosoever." Yet Focus on the Family will tell you that does not include people who are LGBT. The message of John 3:16 is not the message of Focus on the Family. Their message is one of hate. Their message is stained by the blood of hundreds, perhaps thousands, of LGBT youth who have taken their own lives rather than try to live in a world where the Focus on the Family message is accepted.

The blood of these children now stains the name of CBS. The horror that takes away the lives of millions of LGBT human beings now has the CBS stamp of approval. CBS has empowered the opponents of basic human dignity for LGBT Americans to stand by their so-called religions right to discriminate against us in the name of God.

Not quite two years have passed since CBS rejected an ad for the Super Bowl for a gay dating service. Barely a month has passed since Lowe's pulled its ad from All-American Muslim because of religious discrimination in America. If all of this sounds like why people left England 500 years ago, it should. In American history we proudly proclaim it to be religious persecution by the Church of England.

Are you prepared for a country in which you are required to be Christian? We are not that far away from it. You should also be prepared to understand that this will not be a form of Christianity that follows the teachings and example of Jesus. It will be the same form of Christianity that supports the execution and incarceration of the LGBT citizens of Uganda.

The Focus on the Family pretense that they believe in a form of Christianity that reflects the idea that "God so loved the world," is a horrifying and paper-thin cover-up for their agenda to make being of another religion, or being of a different sexual orientation or gender identity, illegal in these United States.

Perhaps CBS can become their national TV station. After all, we wouldn't want to have religious equity in broadcast television. And we certainly don't want any message about being LGBT getting to our children and making them think that it might be okay to be who they are. [lambda]


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Stephanie Mott is a freelance writer from Topeka. She is state vice chair of Kansas Equality Coalition. She can be reached at
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Author:Mott, Stephanie
Publication:Liberty Press
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Date:Feb 1, 2012
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