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Can you identify, monitor and repair chinks in your own leadership armour? Brendan Byrne explains.

Remember the awkward moment when a colleague may have lied to you? They think that you are blissfully unaware. Your perception is that you know them better than they know themselves. Perception can influence reality in your team.

I spoke to some of New Zealand's most successful leaders recently. Each of them could identify, monitor and repair chinks In their leadership armour. These skills can be grouped into three areas of performance; Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading Business Performance.

Leading Self- The Work Starts Before the Work Starts: Gina Rembe is a member of Enspiral, working In a non-hierarchical network of people and projects for social good. This safe collaboration space requires a high level of trust, In which members prioritise knowledge of self and each other. In an open performance culture, the commitment boosts engagement and team performance.

Richard, Matt and Nick run Flight Coffee; In contrast to the notion that best friends shouldn't be business partners. They understand their strengths and relate to each other's, learning that what seems like an angry outburst is actually a reasoned approach from another valuable perspective. They journeyed through Africa and South America, sharing innovative tools with local communities. Matt identified a chink In his own armour, adding critical thinking skills to the group's business dynamic with classes at Harvard University.

Leading Others--Who leads when everyone's a leader?: Enspiral use a collaborative online decision-making progress. One member posts a suggestion to create a new project, until there is sufficient engagement within members to implement a proposal. Budgets are also collaborative, and members can partly fund projects from their own salary. Gina says that this level of collaboration takes commitment, and that "Trust creates magic."

John Apanowicz is an experienced director and the founder of Katapo, a consulting company in the areas of strategic and operational financial accounting and corporate governance. Sharing knowledge and practises across a variety of sectors has helped him to get the most out of people. His dedication to continual learning keeps his leadership relevant over time, in governance roles in the private and public sectors.

Leading Business Performance How can you make an old concept revolutionary?: Karen Fifield became chief executive of Wellington Zoo, with poor attendance numbers and facilities putting her under financial and emotional pressure. "It's cause-related, but without finance strategy It's a waste of time."

An investment in public-viewed veterinary services led to Increased animal welfare and attendance revenue. Karen shows open affection when discussing her animals, while remaining self-aware when asked why there won't be another elephant. "If you want an elephant, give me Newtown Park. Elephants are highly social animals, so we would need four of them."

You may have identified chinks in your own armour, and plan to develop yourself. If this presents a challenge, IMNZ is the ideal platform for elevating your performance and capability.

ELEVATE is a practical series of interactive, half-day sessions, where you select the most relevant courses under the areas of Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading Business Performance. If you haven't identified the chinks in your own armour yet, I am happy to talk with you.

Brendan Byrne is the Learning and Leadership Facilitator at IMNZ.
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Date:Aug 1, 2015
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