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Heat Images Say Cheese

Precision temperature measurements can now be conducted in uncooled infrared imaging systems with the ThermaCAM X95 series of infrared focal plane array thermographic cameras. Developed by Inframetrics, North Billerica, Mass. (978-901-8446), the cameras automatically calculate temperature increases. The cameras feature a unique temperature-controlled rationation shield that provides extremely stable operation and expanded measurement ranges. They are optimized to perform in tough industrial environments.

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Software Creates "Play Lists" For DSC Autosampler

Designed to meet the increasing demands of thermal-analysis labs for streamlined automation and higher productivity, Pyris software for Windows assists with advanced multitasking, remote monitoring, and networking capabilities. With it, researchers can create "play lists" to operate the new Pyris 1 differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) autosamplers, which automatically load up to 48 samples. Created by Perkin-Elmer Corp., Norwalk, Conn. (203-762-1000), the system blends autosampler software features with new macros to create a simple, powerful tool.

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High-Temperature Calorimeter Performs Under Extreme Vacuum

Heat-flow behavior can now be measured in materials ranging in temperature from -120 [degrees] C to 1650 [degrees] C with the DSC 404-Pegasus. A differential scanning calorimeter from Netzsch Instruments, Paoli, Pa. (610-722-0520), the instrument features a motorized furnace hoist and a new sample carrier adjustment mechanism for precise sensor alignment. The instrument measures true specific heat to 1400 [degrees] Cr.

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Laser Rash Instrument Requires Small Samples

Heat transfer models for electronic components, process control, and sample comparison can be improved with the Microflash from Holometrix, Bedford, Mass. (617-275-3300). A low-cost laser flash instrument, it is used for ambient and moderate temperature tests. Because the instrument requires only a small sample, it is convenient for expensive materials and manufactured thin sheets.

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Calorimeter Delivers High Sensitivity

High sensitivity teams with high resolution and high signal-to-noise ratios in the new DSC-60 series differential scanning calorimeter from Shimadzu, Columbia, Md. (800-47-1227). A built-in liquid nitrogen bath enables low-temperature measurements without additional accessories. The detector system can be cleaned easily and uses Windows-based software.

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26th Annual Thermal Analysis Conference Spanned Applications

At the 26th annual conference on thermal analysis, Cleveland, Ohio, over 100 papers were presented covering a spectrum of applications. From September 13-15, speakers discussed applications in electronics, food, carbon composites, pharmaceuticals, polymers, thin films, and automobiles. For a summary of conference proceedings, visit The conference was presented by the North American Thermal Analysis Society.

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