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Foam control agents.

Foam control agents. Foam control agents containing the company's Sipernat performance silica and Aerosil fumed silica lines are said to be a cost-effective means of preventing foam production problems. The formation of foam during production can affect the quality of finished products, or impede the manufacturing process by reducing the carrying capacity of containers or causing pumping problems, according to company literature. "Performance silica for defoamers," is the title of a 32-page technical bulletin that explains how the Sipernat and Aerosil products can eliminate such problems. The bulletin provides detailed information on the theoretical aspects of foam and defoaming, silica that can be used to produce defoamers, how those products are used, the functionality they deliver, and the application and technology tests conducted by the company in its laboratories. This bulletin is said to help readers make an informed decision on the right silica for a formulation. (Degussa)

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Date:May 1, 2005
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