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Foam Control Solutions examined by Northwestern Society.

Thom Penny, of Ashland Specialty/Drew Industrial, addressed the December meeting of the Northwestern Society on "Foam Control Solutions for VOC Compliant Systems."

According to the speaker, Federal and state legislation continues to push the allowable VOC content of coatings to increasingly lower levels. Waterborne coatings can be formulated now at virtually zero-VOC using recently developed and commercialized latex polymer systems. Although these systems are reported to provide excellent performance qualities, they may require different coating additive systems than those used in conventional solvent-coalesced latex coatings. Foam control can be particularly challenging, noted Mr. Penny. Faster dry times, differences in rheology, and the absence of coalescent contribute to a more aggressive bubble generating and trapping environment. Ideally, foam control agents and other additives can be produced with no VOCs. These zero-VOC products are most suitable from an economic view for industrial and specialty coatings. The majority of foam control agents produced using paraffin base oils have extremely low volatility and, when properly incorporated into a coating, contribute no measurable VOC.

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Date:Feb 1, 2005
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