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Flying with firearms: what your customers need to know.

Here's a situation many of you have likely experienced more than once: Your customer comes up to you and says, "I'm flying from A to Z, and I'm going to be bringing guns. What do I need to know?" It's a frequent question, and selling "the right stuff and giving your customers the right advice can prevent nightmarish experiences and create grateful, loyal clientele.


First tip: "Don't ask me, ask the airline" is not the best answer.

Speaking as someone who has been flying with guns regularly since the mid-1970s, the airline does have a say--but there are better answers. As always, before you can provide answers to your customers, you must go into detail on the questions.

The matter goes far beyond "getting through TSA" at the departure point, which may be a piece of cake if your customer is flying from a gun-friendly state. There's the matter of whether or not the customer can legally possess the firearm when he or she lands. There's also the matter of making sure your customer flying out of an anti-gun jurisdiction and doesn't come home with a felony charge.

Our country is a 50-piece patchwork quilt of gun laws. Right now, I'd say New York is the toughest state to fly in and out of with a firearm. If your customer isn't a cop on police business, or covered under the Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act--or able to prove he or she is there for an NRA- or IHMSA-approved event--there's the risk of felony arrest for illegal possession of a handgun. The lesson here? It may be best to advise your customers to avoid flying in or out of New York with a firearm unless they know the relevant laws and they're in perfect compliance with them with paperwork to prove it.
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Date:May 1, 2014
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