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Flying high in the aircraft industry.

During the past ten years, millions of dollars have been spent building state-of-the-art production facilities to produce parts at low- or mid-volume to keep the competitive edge in the commercial aircraft industry.

High-tech manufacturing facilities feature computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) and flexible manufacturing systems (FMS). CIM features a multifaceted set of production systems integrated through a common database. FMS systems feature items such as CNC machining centers, automated material-handling systems, automatic storage and retrieval systems, coordinate measuring machines, and a controller to control all facets of the operation.

Despite this, plants still have deficiencies and limitations in their machining operations, forcing them to use outside suppliers for difficult machined parts. Tell Tool, Westfield, MA, manufactures exotic precision parts for companies such as Pratt & Whitney, GE Aircraft Engines, and the US government. Fuelcontrol systems are the firm's specialty, but it handles any precision machining operation that requires tight tolerances.

To maintain accuracy, Tell Tool uses one line of machines to perform all machining operations, and one line of toolholders to support cutting tools. Matsuura NC and CNC machining centers are used around the clock to meet customer demands.

TSD-Universal, Frankenmuth, MI, was selected to supply Tell Tool with a variety of toolholders and related accessories. Products being used include integral shank Acura-system collet chucks and collets, end-mill holders and adapters, tap adapters, and shell-mill adapters.

The Acura system series of collet chucks has been applied to a variety of manual, NC, and CNC machines to provide reliable positioning accuracy to perform tight tolerance machining operations.

The Acura system is a family of collet designs that uses a common locking taper to allow interchangeability. The company can select the right collet for the job without changing tool adapters. Acura-Grip collets are used for maximum boring accuracy, and Acura-Flex extended-gripping-range collets handle drilling.

The Acura-Grip collet guarantees runout of 0.0005" tir or less at eight times the tool diameter, up to 4" from the collet nose. Acura-Flex collets have an extended gripping range of 0.020" to 0.040" and are used when Acura-Grip accuracy is not required. The integral-shank chucks and tool adapters can grip tools on the margins and bury them deep in the tool-adapter body for a more rigid and accurate tool. Holes are machined to tighter tolerances without guide bushings or center drilling.

Collet chucks hold tapping, drilling, and milling tools ranging from 0.0060" to 1 5/8" dia. Toolholders are inspected for concentricity and manufacturing flaws. Tell Tool has not received defective chucks or collets that require additional machining. "We selected TSD-Universal as a supplier because of their willingness to manufacture nonstandard tools to our specifications, and because their collet chucks and holders provide use with the consistent level of positioning accuracy we need in our machining operations," says Bob Morin, manufacturing foreman.

For more information, contact TSD-Universal, 126 N Main st, Frankerunuth, NE 48734 or circle 302.
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Title Annotation:Tell Tool's use TSD-Universal toolholders and collets
Publication:Tooling & Production
Date:Apr 1, 1991
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