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Flying high in Little Rock.

Flying High in Little Rock

This is exciting. A reliable source tells us that Little Rock is in the running as a possible expansion location for FlightSafety International.

The company trains pilots and maintenance guys on Falcon Jet simulators. Its Falcon Learning Center in Teterboro, New Jersey is filled to capacity and the company has asked pilots and "friends," via a mail-in survey, to help plan its growth.

We saw the survey and Little Rock was one of five choices under "Where would you like to locate a pilot training center?" Other choices were Atlanta, St. Louis, Wichita, and Orlando. With one of two Falcon Jet corporate offices already located here (the other is in NJ), Little Rock would be a logical pick.

This is no small potatoes. Simulators can cost tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars and pilot training ain't cheap either. Not to mention guys coming in for the training would stay in local hotels and eat at local restaurants for two weeks or so at a time.

Not Bidness As Usual

We hear that someone at Stephens, Inc. was instrumental earlier this month in helping blow the whistle on some good-'ol-boy legislators in South Carolina who got caught with their fingers in the till.

In mid-October, the FBI set up a sting called Operation Lost Trust - the locals called it Bubbagate - that netted 10 members of the South Carolina Legislature and charged them with offering bribes.

Some Stephens people were in South Carolina several weeks ago to do a deal with the state and apparently were told by a legislator that some front money might help their cause. As the story goes, they let South Carolina's Gov. Campbell know about the offer, then politely left the state.

Mansion Muttering

An Edgehill watcher told us to look for the biggest mansion sale to date in coming weeks. The deal was reportedly going to tip the scales at $2 million.

Our source nothwithstanding, other well-placed folks tell us that observation is off-base at best and outright wrong at worst.

According to our Edgehill observer, the would-be buyer is Harry and Linda Bloodworth Thomason of "Designing Women" and "Evening Shade" fame.

The grain of truth is that the Thomasens, who own a Treetops condo in Little Rock, have made a standing offer to buy a particular house on Edgehill if the owners should ever decide to sell.

When Melvyn Bell was rocking and rolling, he reportedly said it was the only home on Edgehill he would ever consider buying.

Which house is it? The Blackmon residence at No. 32, which has the biggest spread of any of its peers.
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Title Annotation:Whispers; Little Rock, Arkansas
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Date:Nov 5, 1990
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