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Flying Altar. (Out of the Box).

A massive 13-meter altar traveled practically first class from Brazil's northeastern town of Olinda to New York City's Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum for an exhibition titled "Brazil: Body and Soul' But the piece almost didn't make the Oct. 18 inauguration because Brazilian authorities were worried about possible terrorist attacks.

President Fernando Henrique Cardoso reportedly overruled local courts to ensure that the altar took. its place as the centerpiece of the first large-scale U.S. museum show of Brazilian art. The show, which runs through Jan. 27, covers work dating back to the colonial period.

Guggenheim authorities will undoubtedly use the exhibition's success to gauge interest in building a museum in Brazil. They have reportedly been considering Rio de Janeiro as a possible site.
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Publication:Latin Trade
Date:Dec 1, 2001
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