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Flushed Away.


You II never look at a sewer grate the same way after seeing the animated comedy Flushed Away. It's the story of Roddy, a pampered pet mouse, who's surprised one day when a sewer rat named Sid spews out of the sink.

Roddy hatches a plan to get Sid out of his posh London penthouse by flushing him away. Unfortunately, the plan backfires and Roddy gets washed down the pipes into the sewer world of Ratropolis. There, he meets a resourceful rat named Rita who agrees to help him get back home--if only they can outwit and out-race the evil Toad, who sets a series of mouse "traps" for Roddy and Rita.

The rounded-looking characters in Flushed Away might remind you of those in Wallace & Gromit.

That's because the same team of filmmakers created both movies. There's one big difference, however. Although these characters may resemble the claymation figures in Wallace & Gromit, here the animators used computers--no clay. Why? Because the many action-packed water scenes in Flushed Away would have been next to impossible to create if they'd used Plasticine.
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