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Flush out the drips with cut yoga mat.


QI heard there is a lining that can be put between the wall and toilet cistern to prevent condensation. Where I can buy it? - Peter Riches, by email Zena says: As far as I know there's no actual product specifically sold for this purpose. Just use an ordinary foam yoga mat to line the inside of your cistern. You must empty the cistern first and dry it. Cut the mat to fit the interior, don't try to do it in one piece. It doesn't have to be perfect but don't leave large gaps and fix in place with a silicone adhesive. Allow to dry before you re-fill the cistern. It should help the problem of condensation forming on the outside of the cistern, especially in winter when the water is really cold and the bathroom is warm.

Q We have a food waste collection with our rubbish but as it's every other week, we end up with smelly bins. We'd like to install a waste disposal unit - can they be incorporated into an existing sink or do we need a new one? - Alan & Megan Talbot, Sandown, Isle of Wight Zena says: Unless you have an Ikea sink, you shouldn't have a problem, as most waste disposal units can be fitted to the majority of sinks. Standard sinks have a 90mm waste hole - Ikea have an 88mm hole!

Even if you have a butler's sink, it's possible if you use a waste reducer. However your choice of unit will be limited as these reducers are manufactured by Insinkerator and are only suitable for use with their machines. Expect to pay PS75-PS360 from (0845 0264606). Bear in mind that the unit needs more space under the sink, so you'll have to clear a space.

Q Can you help me find a cashmere beige Ideal Standard toilet seat cover? - M Williams, Newport, South Wales Zena says: If it's available, you'll find it at Fast Part Spares, the official home for Ideal Standard, Armitage Shanks and Trevi spares. You'll need to identify your suite. To do this look under your cistern lid you will find a code embossed into the ceramic., 0870 129 6085 Zena says: I love Tesco's new Home catalogue. The products are all beautifully shot, with features such as recipes and how to arrange photos on a wall. And their sofas are all British made. Pick up a catalogue in store or go to Sainsbury's also now has a dedicated homeware website at and the George Home at Asda range is worth a look, too: Email your questions to Or write to Homes, Sunday Mirror, 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AP


Stylish: Tesco's new catalogue
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jun 8, 2014
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