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Fluoropolymer is a better barrier for fuel hoses. (Keeping up with Materials).

A new fluoropolymer is said to meet stricter regulations on hydrocarbon emissions and the design requirements of elastomeric fuel-system barrier applications. Examples are small-diameter fuel and vapor lines and larger-diameter fuel-fill hoses. Dyneon THV X 815 G from Dyneon in Oakdale, Minn., boasts about twice the permeation resistance of the THV 500 series currently used as the permeation barrier in elastomeric fuel hoses. THV X 815 G is bondable to itself and other substrates in multi-layer constructions and can be co-processed with many hydrocarbon elastomers. It reportedly contains no extractables that could clog fuel systems.

According to Dyneon, THV X 815 G enables fuel-fill hoses to be made longer without sacrificing durability or permeation resistance. This allows designers to use a more flexible hose that offers good crash performance and is easily shaped and installed. Tel: (800) 810-8499,

Melting Point, F 437
MFI, g/l0 min 12
Specif. Gravity 2.06
Ult. Tensile Str., psi 4210
Ult. Elongation, % 430
Flexural Modulus, psi 76,200
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Title Annotation:in terms of hydrocarbon emissions
Comment:Fluoropolymer is a better barrier for fuel hoses. (Keeping up with Materials).(in terms of hydrocarbon emissions)
Publication:Plastics Technology
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Date:Mar 1, 2003
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