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Fluorescent dyes to detect water system leaks.

WATER-GLOTm fluorescent dyes reveal all leaks in static and circulating water systems, boilers, storage tanks and other high-volume containers. They are used to detect leaks in piping, valves, condensers, sprinkler system pumps, seams, welds and fittings. Dye remains visible at the site

wnere water escapes and glows brightly under high-intensity ultraviolet or violet light lamps. Product is NSF certified and registered to meet food-grade processing requirements to be used in and around food processing areas for category codes G7, GX and HTX-2. Dyes can be used I. for treating boilers, steam lines, and/ or cooling systems where neither the treated water nor the steam produced may contact anything edible.

Spectronics Corporation

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Publication:Food Manufacturing
Date:Jan 1, 2014
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