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Flow-wrapper boosts pasta packs appearance.

Italian packaging machinery manufacturer PFM has announced a new variant of its Falcon flow-wrapper that allows nests of pasta such as tagliatelli, vermicelli and similarly fragile products to be wrapped on edge in an attractive slimline film pack, ready for on-shelf display.


The machine is also able to cater for pasta or flapjacks arranged "penny stacked" and to make conventional flow-wraps.

"The PFM Falcon forms the basis of many specialist machines for the food industry and this latest model has been developed in conjunction with pasta producers who were looking for new, and neater forms of on-shelf presentation," explains PFM sales and operations director Chris Bolton.

To ensure the nests of pasta, loaded by hand, are delivered to the folding box without risk of toppling, spring fingers within the inked hold the product with light back pressure against the lugs that drive them forward.

Once the collation is delivered to the forming box it is held upright and on edge during the wrapping process by two loops of motorised side fingers, one either side. Immediately the cross-seal is made the fingers release the pack onto the outked.

"Using flow-wrappers rather than bagging machines to handle fragile pasta not only reduces breakage but also provides a tighter, more attractive wrap with less film," points out Chris Bolton.

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Date:Apr 1, 2012
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