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Flow sensors offer high resolution/accuracy over complete measuring range.

Highly sensitive thermal mass flow sensors are designed for air and gases with measuring ranges up to 500 l/min. For the demanding requirements of medical ventilators, the company offers custom solutions with two sensing elements featuring excellent resolution and accuracy over the complete measuring range. One sensor chip is located in the middle of the main stream for the measurement of very small flows around the zero flow point. A second chip is arranged in a bypass configuration and measures higher flows up to full scale. The flow sensors utilize a microcontroller for digital signal processing and can continuously switch between the two sensing elements. The mass flow sensors achieve very fast response times below 10 ms and offer a linear analog output signal and a digital 12C or SPI bus interface at the same time.

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Title Annotation:Current Report Test, Measurement & Sensing
Publication:Medical Design Technology
Date:Nov 1, 2011
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