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Sabic unveils new resin for automotive applications. Sep 14, 2021 492
Oman LNG to fund labs at vocational college in Saham. Jul 7, 2021 215
Examination of Irrigant Flow on a Tooth With Internal Root Resorption by Using a Computational Fluid Dynamics Model. Sarris, Kyriakos; Stergiou, Yorgos; Mikrogeorgis, Georgios; Mouza, Aikaterini; Paras, Spiros; Lyroud Jul 1, 2021 4034
The CROSSINN Field Experiment: 3-D Flow Structure and Boundary Layer Behavior in an Austrian Valley. Jul 1, 2021 2415
The Subcooling Effect of the Flue Gas Flow Mixture Internal Dynamic and Heating Capacity. Uldinskas, Zilvinas; Dagilis, Vytautas Jul 1, 2021 3312
City Council approves Jack Flash Council: Concerns voiced over traffic flow patterns around Jack Flash. Susan McGrath Pana News Group Editor Jun 30, 2021 1027
Low dry season flows in Mekong drive down Cambodia's Tonle Sap, countries urged to improve basin-wide management. Jun 30, 2021 768
Cerebral Vasomotor Reactivity in Medically Stabilized Patients with Takayasu's Arteritis/Takayasu Arteritinde Stabil Hastalik Doneminde Serebral Vazomotor Reaktivite. Pektezel, Mehmet Yasir; Rovshanov, Sahip; Bolek, Ertugrul Cagri; Khasiyev, Farid; Karadag, Omer; Ars Report Jun 1, 2021 2944
Applying High-res Analyses to Radar of Midwest Derecho Finds Intense Damage Swaths. Jun 1, 2021 689
Swirling Flows Characteristics in a Cylinder Under Effect of Buoyancy. Fekhar, Mustafa; Saci, Rachid; Gatignol, Renee May 1, 2021 5743
Emirates Aviation University receives wind tunnel with grant from Boeing ME. Apr 29, 2021 501
Jupiter Fund Management sees bigger than expected outflows. Apr 21, 2021 237
Scots join UK effort to track Covid-19 indoors. Apr 13, 2021 248
A Simulation Study of Urban Public Transport Transfer Station Based on Anylogic. Liu, Weiwei; Wang, Fu; Zhang, Chennan; Zhang, Jingyu; Wang, Lei Report Apr 1, 2021 5800
Viscosity characterization and flow simulation and visualization of polytetrafluoroethylene paste extrusion using a green and biofriendly lubricant. Schmidt, George A., II; Lin, Yu-Jyun; Xu, Yiyang; Wang, Dongfang; Yilmaz, Galip; Turng, Lih-Sheng Report Apr 1, 2021 7941
Viscoelastic properties and flow instabilities of aqueous suspensions of cellulosic fibers: Effects of a gelation agent on dispersion, rheology, and flow stability. He, Jing; Lee, Stephanie S.; Colakyan, Manuk; Kalyon, Dilhan M. Report Apr 1, 2021 9364
A Compensator Designed for Electro-Hydraulic Servo System in Laminar State. Zeng, Le; Tan, Jianping; Yang, Jun Mar 1, 2021 4599
3D Fluid-Dynamic Ovarian Cancer Model Resembling Systemic Drug Administration for Efficacy Assay. Marrella, Alessandra; Varani, Gabriele; Aiello, Maurizio; Vaccari, Ivan; Vitale, Chiara; Mojzisek, M Jan 1, 2021 10130
Residence time in a single screw free helix extruder using a new solution to the biharmonic equation. Campbell, Gregory A.; Bomma, Sirisha; St. John, Samuel; Chempath, Shaji; Hunt, Diana; Taylor, Ross; Report Jan 1, 2021 9399
Investigating Air Distribution Designs for DOAS Systems to Reduce Cross-Contamination in Open Offices. Aghniaey, Sama; Williams, John G.; Chaitow, Steven D.; Rivera, Luis Jan 1, 2021 4265
Effective and Efficient Ventilation for a Healthy Work Environment during Aircraft Painting. Bennett, James S. Jan 1, 2021 3695
The occurrence and geological sources of naturally high iron in the Middle Devonian aquifer system, Estonia. Karro, Enn; Veeperv, Kaire; Hiiob, Mariina; Uppin, Marge Dec 1, 2020 8146
Antimicrobial activity and toxicity of glass ionomer cement containing an essential oil. Nunes, J.M.F.F.; Farias, I.A.P.; Vieira, C.A.; Ribeiro, T.M.; Sampaio, F.C.; Menezes, V.A. Dec 1, 2020 5670
Static Aeroelasticity Using High Fidelity Aerodynamics in a Staggered Coupled and ROM Scheme. Kafkas, Angelos; Lampeas, George Report Nov 1, 2020 7838
Correlation of Prostatic Artery Blood Flow Assessed by Doppler Ultrasonography with Semen Characteristics in Beagle Dogs. Luno, Victoria; Servian, Marina; Martinez, Felisa; Borobia, Maria; Gonzalez, Noelia; Gil, Lydia Nov 1, 2020 3687
Simulation Models on the Ecology and Management of Arable Weeds: Structure, Quantitative Insights, and Applications. Bagavathiannan, Muthukumar V.; Beckie, Hugh J.; Chantre, Guillermo R.; Gonzalez-Andujar, Jose L.; Le Oct 1, 2020 13961
Numerical Study on Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms: The Aneurysm Aggravation Effects on the Secondary Flow Motion/NUMERICAL STUDY ON THORACIC AORTIC ANEURYSMS: THE ANEURYSM AGGRAVATION EFFECTS ON THE SECONDARY FLOW MOTION. Arab, Mohammed Ilies; Bouzit, Mohamed; Ameur, Houari; Kamla, Youcef Sep 1, 2020 5345
Minimum Flows in Parametric Dynamic Networks--the Static Approach. Nicoleta, Grigoras "Avesalon" Sep 1, 2020 6298
Traffic Flow Prediction Model Based on Spatio-Temporal Dilated Graph Convolution. Sun, Xiufang; Li, Jianbo; Lv, Zhiqiang; Dong, Chuanhao Sep 1, 2020 6727
Flow Field Analysis of Tracheal Bronchial Airway Passage for Effective Drug Delivery. Sridharan, P.; Selvi, C. Pon; Bobby, M. Report Sep 1, 2020 2994
PPG Receives DOE Funding for Energy-Saving Automotive Coatings. Sep 1, 2020 321
Numerical Simulation of the Anti-Icing Performance of Electric Heaters for Icing on the NACA 0012 Airfoil. Uranai, Sho; Fukudome, Koji; Mamori, Hiroya; Fukushima, Naoya; Yamamoto, Makoto Report Sep 1, 2020 6075
Assessment of Short Rectangular-Tab Actuation of Supersonic Jet Mixing. Ranjan, Abhash; Kaushik, Mrinal; Deb, Dipankar; Muresan, Vlad; Unguresan, Mihaela Sep 1, 2020 7234
A Proportional-Switch Adjustment Model towards Mixed Equilibrium with Multiroute Choice Behaviour Criterion. Huang, Zhongxiang; Jiang, Xiangjun; Hao, Wei Aug 31, 2020 9366
Discovering the Graph-Based Flow Patterns of Car Tourists Using License Plate Data: A Case Study in Shenzhen, China. Bing, He; Bo, Kong; Ling, Yin; Qin, Wu; Jinxing, Hu; Dian, Huang; Zhanwu, Ma Case study Aug 31, 2020 8723
Traffic Flow Modeling of Freeway Variable Speed Limit Control Based on the Big Data of Driving Behavior. Qu, Xu; Li, Linheng; Yi, Ziwei; Mao, Peipei; Yang, Mofeng Aug 31, 2020 6728
Numerical Simulation on Non-Darcy Flow in a Single Rock Fracture Domain Inverted by Digital Images. Shao, Jianli; Zhang, Qi; Sun, Wenbin; Wang, Zaiyong; Zhu, Xianxiang Aug 31, 2020 7059
Experimental Study on the Gas Flow Characteristics and Pressure Relief Gas Drainage Effect under Different Unloading Stress Paths. Zhang, Chaolin; Xu, Jiang; Wang, Enyuan; Peng, Shoujian Report Aug 31, 2020 4954
Semianalytical Model for Flow Behavior Analysis of Unconventional Reservoirs with Complex Fracture Distribution. Shi, Dayou; Lu, Zhengyuan Aug 31, 2020 5341
Numerical Investigation of Heat and Mass Transport in the Flow over a Magnetized Wedge by Incorporating the Effects of Cross-Diffusion Gradients: Applications in Multiple Engineering Systems. Alqahtani, Aisha M.; Adnan; Khan, Umar; Ahmed, Naveed; Mohyud-Din, Syed Tauseef; Khan, Ilyas Report Aug 31, 2020 4924
Analytical Solutions for Characterizing Fluid Flow through Sand-Pack in Pipes. Gao, Shichen; Tian, Zhixin; Teng, Bailu Report Aug 31, 2020 5517
Mathematical Model of Air Pocket Evolution during Water Filling a Long-Slope Pipeline and Its Application to Air Removal Prediction. Chen, Yuanyuan; Cui, Yanyu; Chen, Wenhui; Deng, Tao; Gong, Jing Report Aug 31, 2020 7394
Analysis of Radial Force and Vibration Energy in a Centrifugal Pump. Cui, Baoling; Li, Jiacheng; Zhang, Chenliang; Zhang, Yingbin Report Aug 31, 2020 5353
Network Traffic Anomaly Detection Based on ML-ESN for Power Metering System. Zhang, S.T.; Lin, X.B.; Wu, L.; Song, Y.Q.; Liao, N.D.; Liang, Z.H. Report Aug 31, 2020 11958
Numerical Investigation on Gas Accumulation and Gas Migration in the Wavy Horizontal Sections of Horizontal Gas Wells. Huang, Yi; Yang, Jin; Meng, Lingyu; Chen, Xuyue; Luo, Ming; Li, Wentuo Report Aug 31, 2020 4413
Coupling Quasi-Two-Dimensional Friction Model and Discrete Vapor Cavity Model for Simulation of Transient Cavitating Flows in Pipeline Systems. Sun, Qiang; Wu, Yuebin; Xu, Ying; Chen, Liang; Jang, Tae Uk Report Aug 31, 2020 5916
Investigation of Rotating Stall Phenomenon and Optimization in Mixed-Flow Waterjet Propulsion Device. Luo, Can; Zhang, Di; Zhang, Congcong; Lei, Shuaihao; Xia, Chenzhi; Wang, Chuan; Cheng, Li Aug 31, 2020 8158
Modelling and Solving Rescheduling Problems in Dynamic Permutation Flow Shop Environments. Valledor, Pablo; Gomez, Alberto; Priore, Paolo; Puente, Javier Aug 31, 2020 10345
Image Encryption Based on High-Dimensional Manifold Computing and Block Dividing Algorithm. Jia, Meng Aug 31, 2020 5346
The Effect of Boattail Angles on the Near-Wake Structure of Axisymmetric Afterbody Models at Low-Speed Condition. Tran, The Hung Report Aug 31, 2020 6844
Numerical Investigation of the Wake Vortex-Related Flow Mechanisms in Transonic Turbines. Wang, Guoliang; Ge, Ning; Zhong, Dongdong Aug 31, 2020 6828
Existence and Compactness Results for a System of Fractional Differential Equations. Guendouz, Cheikh; Lazreg, Jamal Eddine; Nieto, Juan J.; Ouahab, Abdelghani Jul 31, 2020 5749
Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Solution Multiplicity of Buoyancy Ventilation in Two Vertically Connected Open Cavities with Unequal Heights. Wang, Yuxing; Wei, Chunyu Jul 31, 2020 9838
Multiple Positive Solutions for Fractional Three-Point Boundary Value Problem with p-Laplacian Operator. Li, Dong; Liu, Yang; Wang, Chunli Report Jul 31, 2020 3599
Vibrational Energy Flow Model for a High Damping Beam with Constant Axial Force. Teng, Xiaoyan; Liu, Nan; Xudong, Jiang Report Jul 31, 2020 5961
An Iterative Method for Shape Optimal Design of Stokes-Brinkman Equations with Heat Transfer Model. Yan, Wenjing; Jing, Feifei; Hou, Jiangyong; Gao, Zhiming; Zheng, Nannan Report Jul 31, 2020 4370
Effect of Surface Roughness during Peristaltic Movement in a Nonuniform Channel. Shukla, R.; Bhatt, S.S.; Medhavi, A.; Kumar, R. Report Jul 31, 2020 4027
Multistep-Ahead Prediction of Urban Traffic Flow Using GaTS Model. Wang, Benchao; Qin, Pan; Gu, Hong Jul 31, 2020 5936
Migration and Residual Trapping of Immiscible Fluids during Cyclic Injection: Pore-Scale Observation and Quantitative Analysis. Ahn, Haejin; Kim, Seon-Ok; Lee, Minhee; Wang, Sookyun Jul 31, 2020 7401
Simulation Study of Autonomous Vehicles' Effect on Traffic Flow Characteristics including Autonomous Buses. Muhammad, Tanveer; Kashmiri, Faizan Ahmad; Naeem, Hassan; Qi, Xin; Chia-Chun, Hsu; Lu, Huapu Jul 31, 2020 10164
Identifying Crowding Impact on Departure Time Choice of Commuters in Urban Rail Transit. Cheng, Yan; Ye, Xiafei; Fujiyama, Taku Jul 31, 2020 13502
NO Says Dr Julien Landel, expert in 'fluid mechanics' based at the Department of Mathematics at the University of Manchester. Jul 11, 2020 559
The Effect of Disinfectants on the Properties of Commercially Available Alginate Impression Material. Mathew, Merin; Sonune, Shital Jul 1, 2020 3361
Effect of Characteristic Phenomena and Temperature on Super-Cooled Large Droplet Icing on NACA0012 Airfoil and Axial Fan Blade. Takahashi, Toma; Fukudome, Koji; Mamori, Hiroya; Fukushima, Naoya; Yamamoto, Makoto Report Jul 1, 2020 6702
Flow Simulation and Model Analysis of Efficiency and Pressure Ratio Behaviours in GT4086 Turbocharger Compressor. Omidi, Mohammad; Liu, Shu-iie; Mohtaram, Soheil; Lu, Hui-tian; Zhang, Hong-Chao Jul 1, 2020 3697
An Advanced Membrane-Based HMX Model and its Application in Utilizing Sensible and Latent Heat Removed in Space Cooling. Gao, Zhiming; Gluesenkamp, Kyle; Kumar, Navin; Abuheiba, Ahmad; Yang, Zhiyao; Baxter, Van D. Jul 1, 2020 4710
The Effect of [alpha]-Al(MnCr)Si Dispersoids on Activation Energy and Workability of Al-Mg-Si-Cu Alloys during Hot Deformation. Wang, Xiaoguo; Qin, Jian; Nagaumi, Hiromi; Wu, Ruirui; Li, Qiushu Jun 30, 2020 6379
Constitutive Relationship for Hot Deformation of TB18 Titanium Alloy. Fu, Qiang; Yuan, Wuhua; Xiang, Wei Jun 30, 2020 5763
A Novel 2-Stage Fractional Runge-Kutta Method for a Time-Fractional Logistic Growth Model. Arshad, Muhammad Sarmad; Baleanu, Dumitru; Ria, Muhammad Bilal; Abbas, Muhammad Jun 30, 2020 3338
A Multiscale and High-Precision LSTM-GASVR Short-Term Traffic Flow Prediction Model. Zhou, Jingmei; Chang, Hui; Cheng, Xin; Zhao, Xiangmo Jun 30, 2020 8469
A Bayesian Network under Strict Chain Model for Computing Flow Risks in Smart City. Wei, Zengfanxiang; Zhang, Lei; Yue, Qi; Zhong, Muchen Jun 30, 2020 3821
Flow Improvement in Evacuation Planning with Budget Constrained Switching Costs. Dhungana, Ram Chandra; Dhamala, Tanka Nath Jun 30, 2020 7716
Influence of Artery Straightening on Local Hemodynamics in Left Anterior Descending (LAD) Artery after Stent Implantation. Liu, Pengfei; Deng, Xiaoyan; Liu, Xiao; Sun, Anqiang; Kang, Hongyan Jun 30, 2020 4364
Pressure-Driven Thermal Slip Flow in the Elliptical Channel with Radial Oscillatory Wall. Chuchalerm, Nattawan; Wiwatanapataphee, Benchawan; Sawangtong, Wannika Jun 30, 2020 5101
The Experimental Investigation of the Development Potential of Low-Permeability Reservoirs in the Daqing Oilfield. Zhou, Yazhou; Yin, Daiyin Jun 30, 2020 3944
Influence of Fluid Viscous Damper on the Dynamic Response of Suspension Bridge under Random Traffic Load. Zhao, Yue; Huang, Pingming; Long, Guanxu; Yuan, Yangguang; Sun, Yamin Jun 30, 2020 8307
Investigation of the Models of Flow through Fractured Rock Masses Based on Borehole Data. Tan, Long; Xiang, Wei; Luo, Jin; Liu, Qingbing; Zuo, Xu Report Jun 30, 2020 4802
p-Sulfocalix[4]arene functionalized hydrophobically associative polyacrylamide: Flow characteristics and potential application to enhanced oil recovery. Du, Dai-jun; Pu, Wan-fen; Hu, Pan; Li, Zhezhi; Zhang, Sheng Report Jun 1, 2020 5123
Numerical Investigation of Flow around Two Tandem Identical Trapezoidal Cylinders. Wang, Yupu; Cheng, Wenming; Du, Run; Wang, Shubiao; Deng, Yong May 31, 2020 7718
Network-Aware Data Placement Strategy in Storage Cluster System. Shao, Bilin; Song, Dan; Bian, Genqing; Zhao, Yu May 31, 2020 11373
Nonlinear Stability of the Periodic Traveling Wave Solution for a Class of Coupled KdV Equations. Sun, Cong May 31, 2020 3584
Replacing Detonation by Compressed Balloon Approaches in Finite Element Models. Legrand, Pierre; Kerampran, S.; Arrigoni, M. May 31, 2020 7892
Thermally Affected Zone (TAZ) Assessment in Open-Loop Low-Enthalpy Groundwater Heat Pump Systems (GWHPs): Potential of Analytical Solutions. Gizzi, Martina; Taddia, Glenda; Abdin, Elena Cerino; Russo, Stefano Lo May 31, 2020 5846
Hurricane Energy to miss production targets as instability forces well shutdown. May 23, 2020 423
Singapore researchers predict COVID-19 end dates in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Tawfiq Nasrallah, Staff Writer May 11, 2020 426
On these days, COVID-19 will end in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Tawfiq Nasrallah, Staff Writer May 11, 2020 428
Flow dynamics of extrusion tooling. May 1, 2020 550
Non-Intrusive Visualization of Optically Inaccessible Flow Fields Utilizing Positron Emission Tomography. Bruggemann, Jeremy; Gross, Andreas; Pate, Stephen Report May 1, 2020 7624
Numerical Solution of a Class of Time-Fractional Order Diffusion Equations in a New Reproducing Kernel Space. Zhang, Xiaoli; Zhang, Haolu; Jia, Lina; Wang, Yulan; Zhang, Wei Apr 30, 2020 3948
Evaluation of Cerebral Blood Flow Dynamics in Transient Ischemic Attacks Patients with Fast Cine Phase Contrast Magnetic Resonance Angiography. Wang, Yuzhao; Gao, Duo; Liu, Huaijun Apr 30, 2020 3620
Symmetry Groups, Similarity Reductions, and Conservation Laws of the Time-Fractional Fujimoto-Watanabe Equation Using Lie Symmetry Analysis Method. Guo, Baoyong; Dong, Huanhe; Fang, Yong Apr 30, 2020 3574
Hybrid Analytical and Numerical Approach for Modeling Fluid Flow in Simplified Three-Dimensional Fracture Networks. Roubinet, D.; Demirel, S.; Voytek, E.B.; Wang, X.; Irving, J. Apr 30, 2020 7419
Inverse Method of Centrifugal Pump Blade Based on Gaussian Process Regression. Zhang, Renhui; Zhao, Xutao Mar 31, 2020 5619
Extrapolation Algorithm for Computing Multiple Cauchy Principal Value Integrals. Li, Jin; Cheng, Yongling Mar 31, 2020 5927
Turbulence Modeling Using Z-F Model and RSM for Flow Analysis in Z-SHAPE Ducts. Karbon, Mohammed; Sleiti, Ahmad K. Mar 31, 2020 5766
A New Efficient Method for Solving Two-Dimensional Nonlinear System of Burger's Differential Equations. Ahmed, Shams A.; Elbadri, Mohamed; Mohamed, Mohamed Z. Mar 31, 2020 3280
Virtual FFR Quantified with a Generalized Flow Model Using Windkessel Boundary Conditions. Chahour, Keltoum; Aboulaich, Rajae; Habba, Abderrahmane; Zemzemi, Nejib; Abdelkhirane, Cherif Mar 31, 2020 7467
Computational Investigation of Flow Control Methods in the Impeller Rear Cavity. Liu, Guang; Du, Qiang; Liu, Jun; Wang, Pei; Wang, RuoNan; Lian, ZengYan Mar 31, 2020 8424
A CFD-Compatible Amplification Factor Transport Equation for Oblique Tollmien-Schlichting Waves in Supersonic Boundary Layers. Xu, JiaKuan; Qiao, Lei; Bai, Junqiang Mar 31, 2020 4771
Numerical Investigation on Flapping Aerodynamic Performance of Dragonfly Wings in Crosswind. Wang, Chao; Zhang, Rui; Zhou, Chaoying; Sun, Zhenzhong Mar 31, 2020 5374
Inflatable Leading Edge-Based Dynamic Stall Control considering Fluid-Structure Interaction. Xing, Shi-Long; Xu, He-Yong; Ma, Ming-Sheng; Ye, Zheng-Yin Mar 31, 2020 8939
In Vitro Demonstration of Intestinal Absorption Mechanisms of Different Sugars Using 3D Organotypic Tissues in a Fluidic Device. Marrella, Alessandra; Buratti, Paolo; Markus, Jan; Firpo, Giuseppe; Pesenti, Mario; Landry, Timothy; Mar 22, 2020 5882
Developing a New Spatial Unit for Macroscopic Safety Evaluation Based on Traffic Density Homogeneity. Wang, Chen; Liu, Lin; Xu, Chengcheng Mar 1, 2020 5496
Estimating Emissions from Static Traffic Models: Problems and Solutions. Tsanakas, Nikolaos; Ekstrom, Joakim; Olstam, Johan Mar 1, 2020 12525
Research on Lateral Force of Pile Based on Liquefaction Site Effect. Xi, Zuo; Enquan, Zhou Mar 1, 2020 4822
A catastrophic landslide triggered debris flow in China's Yigong: factors, dynamic processes, and tendency. Li, Jun; Chen, Ningsheng; Zhao, Yuandi; Liu, Mei; Wang, Weiyu Mar 1, 2020 8478
Flow Unit Model of Channel Sand Body and Its Effect on Remnant Oil Distribution: A Case Study of PI Formation in the Eastern Transition Zone of Daqing Oilfield. Zhang, Yue; Ji, You-liang; Wen, Hui-jian; Ma, Shi-zhong; Bai, Dong-lai; Zhang, Bin-chi; Xing, Ben-ka Case study Mar 1, 2020 8833
Prediction of Production Performance of Refractured Shale Gas Well considering Coupled Multiscale Gas Flow and Geomechanics. Li, Zhiqiang; Qi, Zhilin; Yan, Wende; Xiang, Zuping; Ao, Xiang; Huang, Xiaoliang; Mo, Fei Mar 1, 2020 11648
Prediction Method of Cavitation Jet Wave Attenuation Based on Five-Equation Two-Fluid Model. Fu, You; Xie, Zhaopeng; Zhao, Weiguo Mar 1, 2020 7066
Energy and Economic Efficiency of Maize Agroecosystem under Three Management Strategies in the Frailesca, Chiapas (Mexico). Martinez, Franklin B.; Guevara, Francisco; Aguilar, Carlos E.; Pinto, Rene; La O, Manuel A.; Rodrigu Mar 1, 2020 8522
Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise, 4th Edition (online access included). Book review Mar 1, 2020 164
Wolves deliver on the need for league win. Wolves ............. 3 Norwich ........... 0 Analysis by Joe Edwards Feb 24, 2020 1900
Wolves deliver on the need for league win. Analysis by Joe Edwards Feb 24, 2020 2222
Pulsation or no pulsation? That is the question. French, Christian; Stodtmeister, Richard Feb 1, 2020 3349
Day-to-Day Evolution of Traffic Flow with Dynamic Rerouting in Degradable Transport Network. Li, Manman; Lu, Jian; Sun, Jiahui; Tu, Qiang Jan 1, 2020 6512
A Traffic Flow Evolution Process toward Mixed Equilibrium with Multicriteria of Route Choice Behaviour. Jiang, Xiangjun; Huang, Zhongxiang; Zhao, Zhenyu Jan 1, 2020 8671
Mathematical Modelling and Computational Simulation of the Hydraulic Damper during the Orifice-Working Stage for Railway Vehicles. Gao, Hongxing; Chi, Maoru; Dai, Liangcheng; Yang, Jungang; Zhou, Xiaozhi Jan 1, 2020 10584
Development of Debris Flow Impact Force Models Based on Flume Experiments for Design Criteria of Soil Erosion Control Dam. Eu, Song; Im, Sangjun; Kim, Dongyeob Report Jan 1, 2020 5947
A New Look at Elevator Pressurization. Klote, John H.; Turnhull, Paul G. Jan 1, 2020 4184
Design Optimization for Dairy Barns Using Computational Fluid Dynamics. Thibault, Thomas M.; Majano, Bernardo J.; Lee, Natasha M.; Amirault, Murray P.; Anderson, Donnie Jan 1, 2020 3458
Numerical Simulation of the Formation of Vortices Around Rigid Cylinders as a Issue of Fluid-Structure Interaction Using Immersed Interface Method. Alizadeh, As'ad; Zekri, Hussein Jebrail; Jafarmadar, Samad Jan 1, 2020 4920
Pulsed Blowing Interacting with a Leading-Edge Vortex. Buzica, Andrei; Breitsamter, Christian Technical report Jan 1, 2020 9140
A Trial-and-Error Congestion Pricing Method for Day-to-Day Dynamic Network Flows considering Travelers' Heterogeneous Inertia Patterns. Zhou, Bojian; Xu, Min; Zhang, Yong Dec 31, 2019 11685
Reproduction of Local Strong Wind Area Induced in the Downstream of Small-Scale Terrain by Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Approach. Uchida, Takanori; Araki, Keiji Dec 31, 2019 5631
Experimental Study on Liquid Flow and Heat Transfer in Rough Microchannels. Zhang, Xuan; Zhao, Taocheng; Wu, Suchen; Yao, Feng Dec 31, 2019 4966
Applying System Dynamics to Simulate the Passenger Flow in Subway Stations. Gao, Jianghua; Jia, Limin; Guo, Jianyuan Dec 31, 2019 7976
Existence of Solutions for Anti-Periodic Fractional Differential Inclusions with [psi]-Caupto Fractional Derivative. Yang, Dandan; Bai, Chuanzhi Dec 31, 2019 4681
Investigation and Improvement of Stall Characteristic of High-Lift Configuration without Slats. Yang, Zhao; Li, Jie; Jin, Jing; Zhang, Heng; Jiang, Youxu Dec 31, 2019 7640
The Role of In Situ Stress in Organizing Flow Pathways in Natural Fracture Networks at the Percolation Threshold. Jiang, Chuanyin; Wang, Xiaoguang; Sun, Zhixue; Lei, Qinghua Dec 31, 2019 7068
Applying Rare Earth Elements, Uranium, and [sup.87]Sr/[sup.86]Sr to Disentangle Structurally Forced Confluence of Regional Groundwater Resources: The Case of the Lower Yarmouk Gorge. Siebert, Christian; Moller, Peter; Magri, Fabien; Shalev, Eyal; Rosenthal, Eliahu; Al-Raggad, Marwan Dec 31, 2019 12445
Experimental and Numerical Modelling of Nonlinear Flow Behavior in Single Fractured Granite. Su, Xiaopeng; Zhou, Lei; Li, Honglian; Xia, Binwei; Shen, Zhonghui; Lu, Yiyu Dec 31, 2019 10936
Homogeneity Parameter in Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging Improves the Classification of Abnormal Cervical Lymph Node after Thyroidectomy in Patients with Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma. Zhan, Jia; Diao, Xue-Hong; Chen, Yue; Wang, Wen-Ping; Ding, Hong Dec 31, 2019 4337
To Study the Role of Duplex Sonography in Cases of Portal Hypertension. Singh, Gurinder Bir; Gupta, Daisy Dec 30, 2019 4075
Determination of Blood Flow Characteristics in Eye Vessels in Video Sequence. Chen, Chaoxiang; Ye, Shiping; Nedzvedz, Huafeng Chen Alexander; Ablameyko, Sergey; Nedzvedz, Olga Report Dec 1, 2019 6045
Introduction to Computer Simulations for Integrated STEM College Education. Brief article Dec 1, 2019 112
Research on Bifurcation Response for Vortex-Induced Vibration of Top Tension Riser in Shear Flow. Wang, Yuancen; Wu, Zhiqiang; Zhang, Xiangyun Nov 30, 2019 6825
Numerical Model of Oil Film Diffusion in Water Based on SPH Method. Li, Daming; Zhen, Zhu; Zhang, Hongqiang; Li, Yanqing; Tang, Xingchen Nov 30, 2019 8254
The Online Research of [B.sub.2][O.sub.3] on Crystal Behavior of High Ti-Bearing Blast Furnace Slag. Lin, Yin-He; Zheng, Bin; Luo, Lin-Gen; Jia, Yu-Long; Zhang, Li-Qiang Nov 30, 2019 4406
Determination of Hydraulic Properties of a Large Self-Propped Hydraulic Fracture in the Geothermal Research Borehole Horstberg Z1 in the Northwest German Basin. Jung, Reinhard; Hassanzadegan, Alireza; Tischner, Torsten Nov 30, 2019 7250
Oman Rains: Muscat Municipality acting to prevent water blockage. Times News Service Nov 10, 2019 171
Permeability Prediction of Iron Tailings Including Degree of Compaction and Structure. Gan, Deqing; Yang, Xi; Zhang, Yunpeng Oct 31, 2019 7092
Transmission Scheduling of Periodic Real-Time Traffic in IEEE 802.15.4e TSCH-Based Industrial Mesh Networks. Shi, Ke; Zhang, Lin; Qi, Zhiying; Tong, Kang; Chen, Hongsheng Oct 31, 2019 8080
A SLUG FLOW MODEL IN A LONG MILK TUBE FOR DESIGNING A MILKING UNIT CONTROL SYSTEM. A. Kupczyk, M. Gaworski, J. Szlachta, K. Tucki, J. Wojdalski, A. Luberanski, B. Drozdz and M. Krzywo Oct 31, 2019 4907
Julian Bowden: TurkStream natural gas pipeline to impact region's gas flow. Oct 23, 2019 653
Computational and Experimental Methods in Multiphase and Complex Flow X. Brief article Oct 1, 2019 112
Benchmarking COMSOL Multiphysics Single-Subchannel Thermal-Hydraulic Analysis of a TRIGA Reactor with RELAP5 Results and Experimental Data. Alkaabi, Ahmed K.; King, Jeffrey C. Sep 30, 2019 5418
Quantitative Analysis of Water Vapor Transport during Mei-Yu Front Rainstorm Period over the Tibetan Plateau and Yangtze-Huai River Basin. Yang, Hao; Xu, Guan-Yu; Wang, Xiaofang; Cui, Chunguang; Wang, Jingyu; He, Dengxin Sep 30, 2019 8613
Accounting for Tube Hematocrit in Modeling of Blood Flow in Cerebral Capillary Networks. Botkin, Nikolai D.; Kovtanyuk, Andrey E.; Turova, Varvara L.; Sidorenko, Irina N.; Lampe, Renee Sep 30, 2019 6245
Flow-Induced Vibration on the Control Valve with a Different Concave Plug Shape Using FSI Simulation. Zeid, Akram; Shouman, Mohamed Sep 30, 2019 4782
Downstream Bio-processing Controllers Market, Forecast to 2025 - Personalized Medicine to Offer New Growth Avenues. Sep 19, 2019 1152
Potential impact of small hydroelectric power plants on river biota: a case study on macroinvertebrates associated to basaltic knickzones/Potencial impacto de pequenas centrais hidreleticas sobre a biota aquatica: um estudo de caso sobre macroinvertebrados associados a pedrais basalticos. Ruocco, A.M.C.; Portinho, J.L.; Nogueira, M.G. Sep 12, 2019 6755
Study of Pleural Effusions in Patients Attending Katuri Medical College & Hospital, Chinakondrupadu, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. Himaja, Y.S.; Venu, Mandava; Somakrishna, M.V.; Satish, A.B.U.; Basu, P. Jayakar Sep 2, 2019 3387
Radiology-pathology correlation in staging of liver fibrosis using superb microvascular imaging. Balik, Ayse Ozlem; Kilicoglu, Zeynep Gamze; Gormez, Aysegul; Ozkara, Selvinaz Sep 1, 2019 3315
Numerical Investigation of Hydrodynamics Induced by a Pitched Blade Turbine: Effect of the Shape of Vessel Base. Belhanafi, Abdelghani; Bouzit, Mohamed Sep 1, 2019 3830
Rogue Wave and Multiple Lump Solutions of the (2+1)-Dimensional Benjamin-Ono Equation in Fluid Mechanics. Zhao, Zhonglong; He, Lingchao; Gao, Yubin Aug 31, 2019 4412
Corrigendum to "Data-Driven Prediction System of Dynamic People-Flow in Large Urban Network Using Cellular Probe Data". Chen, Xiaoxuan; Ding, Fan; Wan, Xia; Li, Qing; McCarthy, Charlie; Cheng, Yang; Ran, Bin Correction notice Aug 31, 2019 216
Optimization of Bus Bridging Service under Unexpected Metro Disruptions with Dynamic Passenger Flows. Wang, Jiadong; Yuan, Zhenzhou; Yin, Yonghao Aug 31, 2019 7557
Axial-Swept Influence on Inner Flow Performance of HP Steam Turbine Based on CFD. Feng, Zi-Ming; Guo, Chenhao; Wei, Bingkun; Cui, Wei; Gu, Huibin; Zhang, Jindong Aug 31, 2019 6335
Distribution Law and Prediction Model of Dust Concentration under Airflow Adjustment in Fully Mechanized Heading Face. Gong, Xiaoyan; Jia, Congcong; Sun, Kang; Cui, Jian; Lei, Kefan; Xue, Yuxuan; Xue, He Aug 31, 2019 8197
Effect of Airfoil Concavity on Wind Turbine Blade Performances. Ma, Jianlong; Duan, Yafan; Zhao, Ming; Lv, Wenchun; Wang, Jianwen; Ke, Qilao Meng; Ren, Yongfeng Aug 31, 2019 5597
Global Flame Arrestors Market Review 2016-2018 and Forecast 2019-2027 - Growing Popularity of Combined Deflagration & Detonation Flame Arrestors. Industry overview Aug 27, 2019 739
Blood pressure monitoring could become as easy as taking a video selfie. Aug 6, 2019 410
Extrusion technology. Aug 1, 2019 144
Multiphysics Model of an MR Damper including Magnetic Hysteresis. Kubik, M.; Goldasz, J. Jul 31, 2019 9027
Vibrational Heat Transfer Intensification in an Annulus with a Deformable Boundary. Kozlov, Nikolai Jul 31, 2019 4688
Adaptive Sliding Mode Control of a Nonlinear Electro-Hydraulic Servo System for Position Tracking. Yang, Mingxing; Zhang, Qi; Lu, Xinliang; Xi, Ruru; Wang, Xingsong Jul 1, 2019 5071
Singulate bulk flow of parcels, flats, totes and polybagged shipments. Jul 1, 2019 112
Performance of Displacement Ventilation for Hospital Patient Rooms with Varying Cooling Loads. Khankari, Kishor Jul 1, 2019 3274
Designing Simplified Airborne Infection Isolation Rooms to Reduce Infection Rate in Future Pandemics. Lind, Merethe C.; Koskela, Hannu; Venas, Dr. Bard; Vikan, Anders Welde; Kalliomaki, Petri; Harsem, T Jul 1, 2019 3330
Design of Negative Pressure Spiral Feeding Device for Tangential and Longitudinal Axial Intersection of Combine Harvester. Tang, Zhong; Li, Xiyao; Chen, Xinda; Chen, Yang Jun 30, 2019 7145
Comparative Study on Steady and Unsteady Flow in a Centrifugal Compressor Stage. Kim, Changhee; Son, Changmin Report Jun 30, 2019 4850
Modified Traffic Flow Model with Connected Vehicle Microscopic Data for Proactive Variable Speed Limit Control. Fang, Jie; Ye, Huixuan; Easa, Said M. Jun 30, 2019 6430
Poincare Bifurcation of Limit Cycles from a Lienard System with a Homoclinic Loop Passing through a Nilpotent Saddle. Wei, Minzhi; Cai, Junning; Zhu, Hongying Jun 30, 2019 4935
A Multimode Dynamic Short-Term Traffic Flow Grey Prediction Model of High-Dimension Tensors. Duan, Huiming; Xiao, Xinping Jun 30, 2019 8312
A Method for Determining the Flow Front Velocity of a Plastic Melt in an Injection Molding Process. Mensler, Holger; Zhang, Shujun; Win, Thomas Report Jun 1, 2019 7720
Study on Airflow Field and Fiber Motion with New Melt Blowing Die. Han, Wanli; Xie, Sheng; Shi, Jing; Wang, Xinhou Report Jun 1, 2019 4710
Insight on the Influence of Nano Zinc Oxide on the Thermal, Dynamic Mechanical, and Flow Characteristics of Poly(Lactic Acid)--Zinc Oxide Composites. Shojaeiarani, Jamileh; Bajwa, Dilpreet; Jiang, Long; Liaw, Joshua; Hartman, Kerry Report Jun 1, 2019 5390
Immunomodulatory Effect after Irreversible Electroporation in Patients with Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer. He, Chaobin; Wang, Jun; Sun, Shuxin; Zhang, Yu; Li, Shengping May 31, 2019 7695
Numerical Simulation for Engine/Airframe Interaction Effects of the BWB300 on Aerodynamic Performances. Yu, Gang; Li, Dong; Shu, Yue; Zhang, Zeyu May 31, 2019 6139
Evaluation and Prediction of Mass Transport Properties for Porous Implant with Different Unit Cells: A Numerical Study. Li, Jian; Chen, Diansheng; Fan, Yubo Report May 31, 2019 5392
The Rheology and Performance of Geothermal Spring Water-Based Drilling Fluids. Avci, Emine; Mert, Bayram Ali May 31, 2019 6122
Locating Geothermal Resources: Insights from 3D Stress and Flow Models at the Upper Rhine Graben Scale. Landes, Antoine Armandine Les; Guillon, Theophile; Peter-Borie, Mariane; Blaisonneau, Arnold; Rachez Report May 31, 2019 16899
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Rheometer accessory. May 1, 2019 129
Numerical Simulations For Non Conservative Hyperbolic System. Application to Transient Two-Phase Flow with Cavitation Phenomenon. Achchab, Boujemaa; Agouzal, Abdellatif; Idrissi, Abdelmjid Qadi El Report Apr 30, 2019 5371
Numerical Study of Bubble Rising and Coalescence Characteristics under Flow Pulsation Based on Particle Method. Chen, Ronghua; Zhang, Minghao; Guo, Kailun; Zhao, Dawei; Tian, Wenxi; Su, Guanghui; Qiu, Suizheng Report Apr 30, 2019 6357
Blood Flow Assessment of Arteriovenous Malformations Using Intraoperative Indocyanine Green Videoangiography. Kato, Naoki; Prinz, Vincent; Dengler, Julius; Vajkoczy, Peter Apr 30, 2019 3874
Verification of the Dose Reduction Effect via Diluted Injection in Dual-Energy Computed Tomography Using a Human Blood Flow Phantom. Tomita, Hironobu; Shibata, Koichi Apr 30, 2019 4541
A Flow-Based and Operator-Centric Dynamic Mobility Management Scheme for Proxy Mobile IPv6. Leiter, Akos; Bokor, Laszlo Apr 30, 2019 9625
Analysis and Optimization of a Cyclone Integrated with a Cartridge Filter in a Hazardous Materials Collection Truck. Zhou, Shuwen; Wang, Yu Apr 30, 2019 7279
Large Eddy Simulation of Premixed Stratified Swirling Flame Using the Finite Rate Chemistry Approach. Xiao, Yinli; Lai, Zhengxin; Song, Wenyan Apr 30, 2019 8266
Model of Consecutive, Steady-State Underflow for Vertical Tailing Silos. Ren, Wei-Cheng; Gao, Ru-Gao; Gan, De-Qing; Zhang, You-Zhi Apr 30, 2019 4193
Numerical Simulation of the Static and Dynamic Aerodynamics of a UAV under Wake Flows. Mi, Bai-gang; Zhan, Hao Apr 30, 2019 5240
A Multi-GPU Parallel Algorithm in Hypersonic Flow Computations. Lai, Jianqi; Li, Hua; Tian, Zhengyu; Zhang, Ye Apr 30, 2019 5763
Study on Flow Characteristics in Volute of Centrifugal Pump Based on Dynamic Mode Decomposition. Li, Yi-Bin; He, Chang-Hong; Li, Jian-Zhong Apr 30, 2019 6651
Numerical Study of Solitary Wave Interaction with a Submerged Semicircular Cylinder. Ji, Qiaoling; Wang, Yu; Zhang, Guowei Apr 30, 2019 7299
Origin of Non-Gaussian Velocity Distribution Found in Freestanding Graphene Membranes. Kai, Yue; Xu, Wenlong; Zheng, Bailin; Yang, Nan; Zhang, Kai; Thibado, P.M. Apr 30, 2019 4526
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Cascading Failures Analysis Considering Extreme Virus Propagation of Cyber-Physical Systems in Smart Grids. Wang, Tao; Wei, Xiaoguang; Huang, Tao; JunWang; Valencia-Cabrera, Luis; Fan, Zhennan; Perez-Jimenez, Mar 31, 2019 9079
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WATER HAMMERS INTO PIPELINE SYSTEMS BECAUSE OF OSCILLATORY INSTABILITY. Skalozubov, V.; Alali, M.; Bilous, N.; Gablaya, T.; Kochneva, V.; Pirkovsky, D.; Chulkin, O. Mar 1, 2019 2326
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Investigation of Intake and Exhaust Manifolds Parameters of a Turbocharged Diesel Engine Based on Steady-State Simulation. Menacer, Brahim; Ait Slimane, Boussad; Bouchetara, Mostefa Report Mar 1, 2019 3893
5-axis robot automates item singulation prior to sorter induction. Feb 1, 2019 119
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Overview of Acoustic Emission in Monitoring Powder Technology. Serris, Eric; Cameirao, Ana; Gruy, Frederic; Herri, Jean-Michel; Thomas, Gerard Jan 1, 2019 1808
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Plasma Synthetic Jet Actuators for Active Flow Control. Zong, Haohua; Chiatto, Matteo; Kotsonis, Marios; de Luca, Luigi Dec 1, 2018 18756
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EFTG: Efficient and Flexible Top-K Geo-textual Publish/Subscribe. zhu, Hong; Li, Hongbo; Cui, Zongmin; Cao, Zhongsheng; Xie, Meiyi Report Dec 1, 2018 8290
Spatial Multilevel Optical Flow Architecture-based Dynamic Motion Estimation in Vehicular Traffic Scenarios. Fuentes, Alvaro; Yoon, Sook; Park, Dong Sun Report Dec 1, 2018 7849
Effects of Curvature and Area Distribution on S-Shaped Subsonic Diffuser Performance. Gokce, Harun; Kucuk, Umut Can; Sahin, Ismail Nov 1, 2018 3711
Determination of Optimal Traffic Light Period Using a Discrete Traffic Flow Model. Danilevicius, Algimantas; Bogdevicius, Marijonas; Gusaroviene, Modesta; Vaiciunas, Gediminas; Peceli Nov 1, 2018 4620
Turkish Airlines Brings a New Elegant Style to the Skies With Its New Cabin Crew Uniforms. Sep 12, 2018 584
Turkish Airlines unveils new cabin crew uniforms. Sep 12, 2018 445
Power Systems & Smart Energies. Book review Sep 1, 2018 125
Hepatic encephalopathy. Reddick, Mark; Gajera, Prakash; Sutphin, Patrick; Park, Harold; Kalva, Sanjeeva P. Case study Sep 1, 2018 616
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Flow Pattern Control in Resin Transfer Molding Using a Model Predictive Control Strategy. Wang, Kai-Hong; Chuang, Yao-Chen; Chiu, Tzu-Heng; Yao, Yuan Report Sep 1, 2018 4186
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Sulzer welcomes new random packing design. Aug 31, 2018 819
Mathematical Analysis in Fluid Mechanics Selected Recent Result. Book review Aug 1, 2018 131
AUTOCONER X6: Flow into the future. Jul 31, 2018 586
As Kilauea erupts, volcanologists swarm. May 27, 2018 1359
H-60, AH-64, AGPU: New Hydraulic Filters Reduce Failures. May 1, 2018 255
Why There Are No Truly Universal Dies. Frankland, Jim Apr 1, 2018 819
Platform Designed to Easily Transfer Bioseparation Methods. Apr 1, 2018 132
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Flow Behavior and Dynamic Recrystallization of BT25y Titanium Alloy During Hot Deformation. Yang, Xuemei; Guo, Hongzhen; Yao, Zekun; Yuan, Shichong Feb 1, 2018 4968
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Link Prediction Investigation of Dynamic Information Flow in Epilepsy. He, Yan; Yang, Fan; Yu, Yunli; Grebogi, Celso Jan 1, 2018 7972
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Modeling Air Traffic Situation Complexity with a Dynamic Weighted Network Approach. Wang, Hongyong; Song, Ziqi; Wen, Ruiying Jan 1, 2018 8739
Recirculation Flow and Pressure Distributions in a Rayleigh Step Bearing. Shen, Feng; Yan, Cheng-Jin; Dai, Jian-Feng; Liu, Zhao-Miao Report Jan 1, 2018 4243
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Thermo-Magneto-Solutal Squeezing Flow of Nanofluid between Two Parallel Disks Embedded in a Porous Medium: Effects of Nanoparticle Geometry, Slip and Temperature Jump Conditions. Sobamowo, M.G.; Akinshilo, A.T.; Yinusa, A.A. Report Jan 1, 2018 8441
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Temperature Profile Measurement in Simulated Fuel Assembly Structure with Wire-Mesh Technology. Takiguchi, Hiroki; Furuya, Masahiro; Arai, Takahiro Jan 1, 2018 4364
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Adsorption of Nitrate onto Zn[Cl.sub.2]-Modified Coconut Granular Activated Carbon: Kinetics, Characteristics, and Adsorption Dynamics. Liu, Lingjie; Ji, Min; Wang, Fen Jan 1, 2018 7823
Investigating the Effect of Solid Components on Yield Stress for Cemented Paste Backfill via Uniform Design. Wang, Yong; Wu, Aixiang; Zhang, Lianfu; Jin, Fei; Liu, Xiaohui Jan 1, 2018 4262
Research on the Fracture Grouting Mechanism and PFC Numerical Simulation in Loess. Zhang, Zhenlong; Shao, Zhushan; Fang, Xiaobo; Liang, Xijun Jan 1, 2018 3130
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Multiobjective Optimization Design and Performance Prediction of Centrifugal Pump Based on Orthogonal Test. Wang, Yuqin; Huo, Xinwang Jan 1, 2018 6043
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Critical Review of Fluid Flow Physics at Micro- to Nano-scale Porous Media Applications in the Energy Sector. Singh, Harpreet; Myong, Rho Shin Jan 1, 2018 24579
Slipping Rib Syndrome in a Female Adult with Longstanding Intractable Upper Abdominal Pain. Khan, Noman Ahmed Jang; Waseem, Saba; Ullah, Saad; Mehmood, Hassan Jan 1, 2018 1110
Application of Residual Power Series Method to Fractional Coupled Physical Equations Arising in Fluids Flow. Arafa, Anas; Elmahdy, Ghada Report Jan 1, 2018 4428
On Solving the Poisson Equation with Discontinuities on Irregular Interfaces: GFM and VIM. Helgadottir, Asdis; Gibou, Arthur Guitteand Frederic Report Jan 1, 2018 6748
Prediction of Dynamic Stability Using Mapped Chebyshev Pseudospectral Method. Choi, Jae-Young; Im, Dong Kyun; Park, Jangho; Choi, Seongim Report Jan 1, 2018 6447
Experimental Analysis of a Small-Scale Rotor at Various Inflow Angles. Kolaei, Amir; Barcelos, Devin; Bramesfeld, Gotz Report Jan 1, 2018 9399
Characterization of Flow Interactions in a One-Stage Shrouded Axial Turbine. Ghenaiet, Adel Jan 1, 2018 8111
Performance of Partial and Cavity Type Squealer Tip of a HP Turbine Blade in a Linear Cascade. Kavurmacioglu, Levent; Maral, Hidir; Senel, Cem Berk; Camci, Cengiz Jan 1, 2018 5862
Investigation of Dual-Vortical-Flow Hybrid Rocket Engine without Flame Holding Mechanism. Lai, A.; Chou, T.-H.; Wei, S.-S.; Lin, J.-W.; Wu, J.-S.; Chen, Y.-S. Jan 1, 2018 6133
Propulsive Efficiency of Ridge/Inlet Configuration. Huang, Guoping; Saheby, Eiman B.; Hays, Anthony Jan 1, 2018 7300
CFD Analysis of Contrarotating Open Rotor Aerodynamic Interactions. Shi, Wenbo; Li, Jie; Yang, Zhao; Zhang, Heng Jan 1, 2018 6277
The Conformal Flow of Metrics and the General Penrose Inequality. Han, Qing; Khuri, Marcus Report Jan 1, 2018 6132
Multiscale Numerical Simulations of Branched Polymer Melt Viscoelastic Flow Based on Double-Equation XPP Model. Li, Xuejuan; Zhu, Liping; Yue, Hongyun Report Jan 1, 2018 5462
On Flows of Bingham-Type Fluids with Threshold Slippage. Baranovskii, Evgenii S. Report Jan 1, 2018 3625
A Computing Method for Sand Inrush Quantity through a Borehole in Longde Coal Mine. Zhang, Boyang; Lin, Zhibin Jan 1, 2018 6539
Cold Load and Storage Functional Backfill for Cooling Deep Mine. Wang, Mei; Liu, Lang; Chen, Liu; Zhang, Xiaoyan; Zhang, Bo; Ji, Changfa Jan 1, 2018 6129
The Assessment and Evolution of Water-Conducting Rules under the Influence of Mining-Induced Stress. Feng, Feisheng; Peng, Suping; Du, Wenfeng; He, Yunlan; Chong, Shan Jan 1, 2018 6325
The Way-Finding in Educational Modular Buildings: The Case of the Male Engineering Building at Qatar University. Azzali, Simona; Sabour, Eman Abdel Jan 1, 2018 4881
A Study on the Seepage Flow Characteristics and Disaster-Causing Mechanism of Collapse Column. Feng, Feisheng; Peng, Suping; Fu, Pingjie; Du, Wenfeng; Xu, Dongjing Report Jan 1, 2018 5927
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Feasibility of Computational Fluid Dynamics for Evaluating the Intraventricular Hemodynamics in Single Right Ventricle Based on Echocardiographic Images. Chen, Li-Jun; Tong, Zhi-Rong; Wang, Qian; Zhang, Yu-Qi; Liu, Jin-Long Jan 1, 2018 6766
Joint Optimization of Content Placement and User Association in Cache-Enabled Heterogeneous Cellular Networks Based on Flow-Level Models. Qu, Hua; Ren, Gongye; Zhao, Jihong; Tan, Zhenjie; Zhao, Shuyuan Jan 1, 2018 13835
Chaotic Behavior of Traffic-Flow Evolution with Two Departure Intervals in Two-Link Transportation Network. Liu, Shixu; Guo, Lidan; Easa, Said M.; Chen, Wensi; Yan, Hao; Tang, Yingnuo Jan 1, 2018 5612
Using Insider Swapping of Time Intervals to Perform Highly Invisible Network Flow Watermarking. Liu, Weiwei; Liu, Guangjie; Xia, Yang; Ji, Xiaopeng; Zhai, Jiangtao; Dai, Yuewei Jan 1, 2018 10239

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