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Flour Confectionery Manual.

FLOUR CONFECTIONERY MANUAL by C A Street. 234 pages with index. Price: 63.00 [pounds]. (UK: The Blackie Group)

The whole business of bakery is |as old as the hills' but to gain from full mechanisation we have to move away from a craft-based industry. To do that we need to fully understand the principles underlying this subject. In setting down facts about the bakery industry one of the first problems is that of nomenclature because similar products have different names in different countries. To nullify the major part of this problem the author has adopted a problem-solving approach. Thus, he specifies what is known, defines the objective and formulates a plan. Up-to-date information is also given on the materials used and the sort of equipment available.

Manufacturers have reacted in differing ways to the requirements of the marketplace. Most of the larger ones have opted for full automation, whereas some of the smaller ones now start with fully prepared mixes. In view of this, the author has developed a text that can be used in more than one way. For instance, it will be of interest to the newcomer to the industry, it can be used to broaden one's range of experience, it can be used to aid problem-solving, and it can equally well interest those seeking inspiration for new ideas. In one sense, it can be said that this text is based on a simple model: equipment and materials together are processed to give a product.

As this is done by means of twelve chapters, which follow an introduction covering the scope of the book and how best to use it. Their titles are: Basic product ingredients; Additional product ingredients; Materials used in finishing; Packaging materials; Processing equipment; Basic products and finished goods; The chemistry and physics of cake-making; Quality control, process control and quality assurance; Recipe and process suggestions; Problem solving; Flour confectionery and the future. The book concludes with a couple of useful appendices and a full glossary of the terms used.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Jan 1, 1992
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