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Florida Man Shoots At AT&T Trucks Parked Outside Home.

A Florida man was arrested after he fired shots at AT&T trucks when the workers did not comply with his request of removing the vehicles from his property Wednesday. A footage showing Jorge Jove, a 64-year-old retired Miami-Dade firefighter, shooting at the vehicles' tires surfaced on social media.

Jove, from Hialeah, was "upset that the trucks were parked in front of his house" and had "asked them to move," Hialeah Police Sgt. Carl Zogby told Fox-affiliated WSVN. Zogby added that the workers told Jove they'd move the trucks in a few minutes, but he was not happy with their response.

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"They said, 'We'll move in a few minutes. We're just working on the poles. We're supposed to be here,'" Zogby said. "He went back into his house, came out a few moments later with a gun and started firing at both AT&T trucks that were on the scene."

The incident took place when the AT&T utility employees were working on lines near a home located near the corner of Southeast Fifth Place and Sixth Avenue, Hialeah Police said.

Zogby also told local media that Jove "flattened their tires, he shot into the bodies of the trucks, he shot at one of the radiators of the trucks. We're trying to determine now whether he was actually intentionally trying to shoot the workers or just shoot the vehicles." He also added that it was unclear if Jove was targeting any of the workers at the scene.

The footage shows Jove shooting at the tires of both trucks, while someone in the background can be heard describing the incident. According to a ( Daily Mail  report, the person narrating the incident is an AT&T technician named Derrick Taylor who was talking to a 911 dispatcher about the event unfolding in front of him.

"He's shooting the truck right now. There's a guy shooting the tires and shooting the engines and everything," the voice says. "Someone's up in the bucket truck and he can't come down because he's shooting the truck."

Police said there were no injuries reported in the incident. However, Jove has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm and two counts of felony vandalism.

"We're grateful nobody was hurt, and we're working with law enforcement in their investigation. Because there's an active investigation, I need to refer you to them for any questions," AT&T said in a statement ( obtained by WSVN.

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While talking about Jove who is currently in police custody and is being questioned about the incident, Zogby said: "We don't have any negative information about him, about any criminal history from any of his neighbors. ... "He seemed to be a quiet man and something made him snap today. This is a very irrational act that he committed there."

Watch the video below, courtesy CBS Miami.
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