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Florida Man Loses 25% Of Skin Because Of Flesh-Eating Disease.

A potentially deadly flesh-eating disease left a man fighting for his life in Florida. The infection went from mild to severe quickly, which forced doctors to remove 25 percent of the patient's skin.

The 50-year-old patient, David Ireland, remains in critical condition after the surgery. He underwent three operations to eliminate the bacteria that caused the infection.A

David reportedly started to show signs of the disease on Aug. 16. He was rushed to the hospital on Aug. 20 after his condition rapidly worsened and causedA extreme pain.A

"He was fine one minute and sick the next," David's wife Jody Ireland told ( Fox News . Doctors later determined that the patient contracted the flesh-eating bacteria called necrotizing fasciitis.A

The infection mainly damages the skin and muscle tissue. In David's case, doctors removed the skin from his ankle to his torso to prevent the bacteria from reaching vital organs.A

Necrotizing fasciitis is known for leaving infected people with severe injuries, such as lost limbs. The flesh-eating disease can also lead to death, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Majority of the cases of necrotizing fasciitis occured in the water. In Florida this year, health officials recorded a number of infections in several beaches.A

The bacteria enters the body through cuts, scrapes, burns, surgical wounds or any opening on the skin. However, David's case left some experts puzzled.A

His brother Daniel said he never swims in oceans or lakes. But he noted David usually spends time in the pool at his Orlando condo.

"He was in the ER and then all of a sudden they've got him in the operating room," Daniel told the ( Miami Herald . David potentially contracted the flesh-eating disease through an open wound on his leg.A

Despite a series of reports about necrotizing fasciitis over the past months, the CDC noted the infection remains rare in the U.S. The agency estimates only four out of 100,000 Americans are affected every year.A

David's family created a GoFundMe page to support his medical expenses. Doctors plan to conduct another operation to fully remove the flesh-eating disease from his body.A

"David is still in a life-threatening situation, but there are some small victories every day," Jody said on the GoFundMe page. "My life isn't the same without him, so really praying for a miracle.

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Date:Aug 28, 2019
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