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Florida Civil Procedure.

Bruce Berman recently completed the 2001-2002 edition of his book, Florida Civil Procedure. In this book, he analyzes Florida's Rules of Civil Procedure on a ruleby-rule basis. He presents the text of each rule followed by its history, a comparison to federal rules, and an analysis of significant case law. He also includes a table of cases, index, time frame table, and tracing table relating to the federal rules as well as tables comparing mediation and arbitration procedures in state and federal courts in each of the districts.

The 2001-2002 edition includes the new amendments which went into effect on January 1, 2001, as part of the four-year cycle changes adopted by the Florida Supreme Court, as well as other amendments adopted by the Supreme Court since the last edition of this book. The book also updates case law since the publication of the 2000 supplement and the 1999 edition.

This new edition includes, among other topics, updated commentaries on recent developments concerning discovery, proposals for settlement, motions for attorneys' fees, class actions, forum non conveniens, and medical malpractice presuit screening.

Bruce Berman is a commercial trial lawyer with the law firm, McDermott, Will and Emery. He has served on The Florida Bar's Civil Procedure Rules Committee since 1984 serving two terms as chair. For this edition, he was assisted by Judge Peter D. Webster of the First District Court of Appeal, attorney Lori E. Terens who chaired the Civil Procedure Rules Committee at the conclusion of the four-year cycle leading to the 2001 amendments, and attorney Pedro Martinez- Fraga who serves on the local federal court rules committee in Miami.

Florida Civil Procedure (900 pages)is published by West Group and is available for $91 per copy online at or by calling 800/762-5272.
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Date:Mar 1, 2002
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