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Floody halfwit; Man swamped village in bid to save own home.


A BUILDER jemmied open a sluice gate to protect his own home from flooding, but swamped an entire village instead, a court heard.

Hapless Lee Goddard, 40, was yesterday fined PS1,000 for contributing to dozens of ancient homes being deluged in Somerset during last winter's floods.

Taunton magistrates court heard Goddard used a crowbar to force open the sluice gates and bragged about the act at a New Year's Eve party.

Goddard had previously pleaded guilty to "interfering" with the sluice between December 20 and 23 last year. The court was told he caused 45,000 cubic metres of water to surge towards the village of Thorney. Simon Cooper, prosecuting, said: "Because the defendant opened the gate there was an increase of water levels."

Defending himself, Goddard, a married dad-of-two, said: "The rivers are not being maintained.

"When you have six inches of water coming into your property, it is not nice - I have two children."


CUT OFF Thorney, Somerset, surrounded by flood water

POUR LOSER Lee Goddard admitted opening sluice gate

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Dec 23, 2014
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