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Flood-ravaged communities still need help; NLC keeps fielding offers of aid.

The National League of Cities continues to receive calls from cities seeking to adopt cities and towns in need of flood relief.

In addition, Public Technology Inc. (PTI) is working with private companies that provide technical assistance to secure additional resources and skilled volunteers to provide water, sewer, construction and infrastructure help to flood ridden cities and towns.

The following is the latest installment of our ongoing list of cities and towns in need. For more information contact Leslie Wollack in NLC's Center for Policy and Federal Relations (202) 626-3020.


Ames Pop. 47,198 Contact: Pain Vokolek, Public Info. Officer (515) 239-5101 Needs: Money Donations

Arnolds Park Pop. 953 Contact: Ron Walker, City Manager (712) 332-2341 Needs: Money Donations

Coralville Pop. 11,998 Contact: Kelly Hayworth, Administrator (319) 351-1266 Needs: 4 to 6 inch pumps

Cumberland Pop. 295 Contact: Ron Benton, Water/Streets Sup. (712) 774-5614 Needs: Money Donations

Dow City Pop. 439 Contact: Steve Christenson, Water/Streets Sup. (712) 674-3350 Needs: Technical Assistance

Esserville Pop. 6,720 Contact: Vaughn Brua, City Clerk (712) 362-7771 Needs: Volunteers for clean-up

Farmington Pop. 655 Contact: Sandy Turner, City Clerk (319) 878-3711 Needs: Dehumidifiers, volunteers, money donations, construction assistance, fans, power cleaners

Hancock Pop. 201 Contact: Ron Olsen, Water/Sanitary Sup. (712) 741-5665 Needs: Volunteers

Kelly Pop. 246 Contact: Merlene Whisenand, City Clerk (515) 769-2213, (515) 769-2437

Nevada Pop. 6.009 Contact: Dennis Henderson, City Administrator (515) 382-5466 Needs: Money donations, construction assistance

Rock Valley Pop. 2,540 Contact: Bill Van Maanen, Administrator (712) 476-5707 Needs: Money donations


Kansas City Contact: Dennis Hays, Deputy City Administrator One McDowell Plaza Kansas City, KS (913) 573-5000 Needs: Building and Health Inspectors

Wathena Contact: City Clerk P.O. Box 27 Wathena, KS (913) 989-4711


North Kansas City Contact: Elizabeth Short, Mayor or George De French, City Administrator De French, City Administrator (816) 274-6000 Needs: Technical Assistance, Infrastructure and Construction Assistance

Federal Flood Aid Ends UP AT $6.2 Billion

In its closing moments before the August Congressional recess, the Senate passed and sent to the White House legislation to provide more than $6.2 billion in disaster relief spending to communities. The bulk of the spending is targeted to cities and towns impacted by the flooding in the midwest, but the bill also includes relief for drought stricken communities in the southwest and funds to make up for costs of last year's hurricanes.

President Clinton had originally requested $2.8 billion, but as higher cost estimates came in, the President revised his request to the higher amount. As finally adopted by Congress the bill includes nearly $1 billion in disaster assistance which is contingent upon a separate Presidential declaration of an emergency.

The main provisions of the flood aid bill include:

* $200 million in Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) for flood relief projects in communities and $200 million in Economic Development Administration (EDA) grants to cities and towns for recovery planning and public works projects;

* $196 million in transportation funding for the repair of roads, bridges, and rail lines and $235 million in infrastructure grants for levee repairs, flood control operations, and cleanup activities;

* $397 million through the Small Business Adminstration (SBA) to provide low interest loans to small business owners and homeowner's;

* $2 billion for the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) relief fund;

* $1.05 billion for the Commodity Credit Corporation for crop loss payments to farmers; and

* more than $400 million to the Farmers' Home Administration (Fmha) and the Rural Development Administration for repair of housing and drinking water structures.
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