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Flip screen.

Flip Screen Australia Pty Ltd. offers the EX80 screening bucket attachment. Featuring a simple, yet extremely robust design, the EX80 is a more rugged version of the E80 model, and durable enough to stand up to the most demanding industries including aggregates and roadbuilding, construction, demolition, landfill, mining, public works, railway and waste and recycling. Suitable for 20- to 27-ton excavators, the EX80 replaces the excavator's bucket and works by rotating on a horizontal axis continuously through 360 degrees. An easily interchangeable screen allows smaller particles through, depending on mesh size, while a baffle retains larger material so that it may be dumped separately. The EX80 is extremely resilient and resistant to damage. The drive chain is capable of lifting heavy loads up to 24 metric tons, and self-aligning main bearings can handle a 64-metric-ton static load. For added versatility, the EX80 can double as the excavator's bucket and is capable of digging at the full breakout force without worry of structural


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Title Annotation:INNOVATIONS
Publication:Rock Products
Date:Mar 1, 2011
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