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Flip over M.A.D. calls. (What's New).

Hunters looking for versatility in a mouth call will find it in the new Tri-Pack Flip Over Series from M.A.D. Calls. As the name implies, the Tri-Pack contains three mouth calls: the Shipp Wreck Over Inverted "V", the Double Split Over S.S. Special, and the Double Split Over High Ball. Use one side of the Shipp Wreck to achieve competition quality yelps, cutts, and purrs. Flip it over and get the raspy sounds of the Inverted "V'. The Double Split/S.S. Special gives you the sweet yelp of the Double Split on one side, and the raspy cutts, cackles, and purrs of the S.S. Special on the other. If this isn't enough, try the high sweet yelps and whistles of the Double Split Cut, or flip it over to get the pleading quality of the High Ball. All three Flip Over calls are clearly marked for quick reference.
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Date:Mar 1, 2002
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