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Flint Ink North America announces price increases, freight surcharges.

To offset the continuing escalation of raw materials, energy, and freight costs, Flint Ink North America announced the following price increases and freight surcharges, which were effective Oct. 1, 2005:

* Heatset web offset and publication gravure inks--12% increase, 2 cents/lb surcharge

* Packaging inks (solvent)--10% increase, 4 cents/lb surcharge

* Packaging inks (water)--6% increase, 4 cents/lb surcharge

* Energy curable inks--10% increase, 4 cents/lb surcharge

* commercial and packaging sheetfed inks--10% increase, 4 cents/lb surcharge

* Coldset news/directory black inks--12 cents/lb Freight surcharges will be reviewed on a quarterly basis.

"We have been taking extraordinary measures to ensure a consistent supply of high-quality products to our customers," said Bill Miller, president of Flint Ink North America. "But our industry and its suppliers have been caught at the center of global shortages and rising demands for crude oil, natural gas and their byproducts, as well as many other raw materials that are key to the manufacture of printing inks.

"We are also feeling the impact of Hurricane Katrina and the devastation it has caused our country's infrastructure and supply lines," Mr. Miller said. "Unfortunately, I think we will be living with the effects of both of these issues for a long time to come."

Mr. Miller said that Flint Ink representatives will be contacting all customers in the coming weeks to explain the severity of the situation and to work with them to ensure the most efficient means of delivering products.
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Publication:Ink World
Date:Oct 1, 2005
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