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Passing The Ride. Personal account Apr 1, 2019 326
IFR Training Hoods: ViBAN, Overcasters Top: Choose for personal comfort and compatibility with eyeglasses. Our market scan proved there's plenty of variability in fit, form and comfort. Bowlin, Frank Product/service evaluation Mar 1, 2019 3589
New FAA Reg Review: Sims Even More Useful: New FARs allow expanded use of Aviation Training Devices to meet IFR recency of experience requirements. This can be a big cost savings. Durden, Rick Jan 1, 2019 614
Who's In Charge? Ossowski, Jerry Brief article Dec 1, 2018 274
Undoing An Upset: If all else fails and you can't prevent a loss-of-control event, some formal upset training may come in handy. Get it now, before you need it. Kenny, David Jack Nov 1, 2018 2138
Step-Up Sim Training: Tailor It For You; The best aircraft upgrade training is simulator based. A good training facility should be willing to customize the training to fit your particular needs. Durden, Rick Sep 1, 2018 2158
The Catalyst: One rather innocuous experience delivered the most exhilarating, victorious, and perfect moments of my life. Poulin-Kinnard, Kellie Sep 1, 2018 1087
Losing Control Is Easy. Aug 1, 2018 417
Multi-Engine Rating: Pricey, Challenging, Fun: We think it's realistic to be able to get the rating with 10 hours of dual in less than a week for under $5000 if you show up prepared and are willing to work hard. Durden, Rick Aug 1, 2018 1928
Different, Dangerous or Dumb? Surowitz, Daniel A. Jun 22, 2018 598
CAN I LOG MY TIME IN THE SIM? Jun 1, 2018 868
Tune And Identify. Essay Mar 1, 2018 385
IFR Training Courses: Sporty's, King, PIC Win: To get through the rating efficiently we recommend immersing yourself. We like Sporty's and King for ground school and PIC for accelerated flight training. Durden, Rick Feb 1, 2018 3335
Mountain Flying: Training Required: When the rocks and the density altitude are high, special operating techniques are required. We recommend ground and flight training before going. Durden, Rick Jan 1, 2018 3089
The French Pilot Training Experience at Oscoda Army Air Field During World War II. Vaughan, David K. Sep 22, 2017 7211
Fleet-wide complimentary cirrus training. Sep 1, 2017 536
HA-420 training: Flightsafety at the factory. Jul 1, 2017 565
A fighting Raven: the only female Phoenix Raven instructor never shirks from challenges or competition. Roughton, Randy Apr 1, 2016 1342
Shaping the flight paramedic program. Davids, Neil B. Apr 1, 2016 2304
Sputtering over water. Essay Mar 1, 2016 499
Tailwheel training: bring your A game. Durden, Rick Oct 1, 2015 2272
Spin training: understanding how they can develop and how to get out of them really only comes after performing them. Lowe, Clint Jun 1, 2015 1202
Can you spin your flivver (intentionally)? Brief article Jun 1, 2015 206
Got grass? Brief article Jun 1, 2015 130
Differences: get transition training on procedures, performance and limitations when stepping up, down or sideways. Burnside, Joseph, E. Column Jun 1, 2015 1072
Transition training. Brief article Jun 1, 2015 155
Do CFII's have a moral obligation to perpare their student's? Brief article May 1, 2015 130
When to start? Brief article May 1, 2015 127
Multi-engine trainers: a strong field: the Piper Seminole is still the trainer of choice, hut we think the Tecnam P2006T may be a lower cost replacement if it's robust enough for training. Durden, Rick Mar 1, 2015 2769
Surprised by a student. Edwards, Andrew Jan 1, 2015 687
Real world versus the simulator. Nov 1, 2014 394
Should shops take on a training role? Anglisano, Larry Column Aug 1, 2014 577
Turbine upgrades: Training required: Low prices for turbine airplanes getting you interested in moving up? Plan on some completing some no-nonsense schooling in order to get insurance. Durden, Rick Jul 1, 2014 2182
Go? Or No-Go: It's often not a simple yes-or-no decision, and the answer can change with the phase of flight. Wright, Robert May 1, 2014 2928
Methodological aspects of automatic pilot flight assessment system. Masiulionis, Tadas; Stankunas, Jonas Report Sep 1, 2013 3081
Flight training cockpit: roll your own Sim: PilotMall's add-as-you-go tabletop flight simulator lets you create a custom training panel. The only thing missing is FAA approval. Anglisano, Larry Jun 1, 2013 398
Navigating the sim thicket: simulating flight has come a long way since the first training devices and should figure prominently in any primary and recurrent flight training effort. Laboda, Amy Jun 1, 2013 2360
Recurrent training: bang for the buck: plan on a minimum of $1000 for insurance-approved recurrent training. The best programs provide a combination of simulator and in-airplane training. Durden, Rick May 1, 2013 2239
Bravo Zulu. Jan 1, 2013 373
Ineffective practical test standards: current PTS examples don't assess realistic scenarios or risk-managemnt skills. However, changes may be underway that could make them more effective. Wright, Robert Nov 1, 2012 2034
Making the PTS more "practical". Nov 1, 2012 436
Change is coming ... slowly. Brief article Nov 1, 2012 237
Bravo Zulu. Nov 1, 2012 371
The green flash. Arsenault, Dan Nov 1, 2012 538
Do what's necessary. Greenfield, Jeremy Nov 1, 2012 1188
Tally two ... stars. Gastrell, Andrew May 1, 2012 660
Bravo Zulu. May 1, 2012 320
Hit by the Pensacola heat. Hirzel, Jason May 1, 2012 686
Flight begins at 40, or maybe 50. Van West, Jeff Mar 1, 2012 629
Bravo Zulu. Mar 1, 2012 611
Notams. Brief article Jan 1, 2012 139
Redbird's bold move: sim-centric GA training: in four years, Redbird Flight Simulations went from a prototype to becoming the largest sim company in the world. Now they're trying to reinvent flight training. West, Jeff Van Jan 1, 2012 1643
Sim training for the certified? Brief article Jan 1, 2012 192
It's about engagement. Van West, Jeff Nov 1, 2011 628
Fixing training. Wright, Bob Nov 1, 2011 1244
Two forward, one backward. Burnside, Jeb Oct 1, 2011 872
Forget checkouts, now it's training. Bertorelli, Paul Aug 1, 2011 678
Flight schools that work: top service for top dollar: schools that prioritize the customer experience and set prices high enough to leave a margin for profit are making money. Here's why this matters to you. Van West, Jeff Jul 1, 2011 2958
Ready for the sim: whether you're going for a type rating or an instrument refresher, your success depends on what you do before you show up. Garrison, Kevin Jun 1, 2011 1590
CAA announces training rule change for gyroplanes. Brief article May 31, 2011 150
Private pilot test prep: Sporty's, Gleim excel: Sporty's course is mid-priced, with an appealing combination of video dazzle and informational content. Gleim is for students who prefer traditional study. Nations, Jordan Mar 1, 2011 1997
Fighting Falcons: Guardsmen Build International Partnerships Through F-16 Flight Training. Croxon, Paul Nov 1, 2010 1166
Love and 10,000 hours. Van West, Jeff Oct 1, 2010 535
IFR training gone bad: the real world of IFR flying is out of sync with the way many instrument pilots are being trained and kept current. Here are three areas for improvement. West, Jeff Van Sep 1, 2010 2052
Learning your retrofit panel: like flying a new type of aircraft, major avionics work can mean a huge new learning curve. Get quality formal training and try to avoid the local CFI who doesn't know the gear and will be learning it, too. Anglisano, Larry Jul 1, 2010 2090
TAA training: is bureaucratic inertia at the FAA and within the industry preventing us from getting our money's worth? Wright, Robert A. Jul 1, 2010 2553
Using proficiency sims: in the IFR regime, losing your proficiency can be the first step toward losing your life. Fire up your desktop computer to chink the leaks in your procedures and scan. Jun 1, 2010 1762
Etihad launches English training programme for Emiratis. Brief article Apr 1, 2010 214
What it takes to type: ever wonder if you have what it takes to earn a type rating for a small jet? Success comes from preparation--something that helps with learning any new aircraft. Singer, Neil Apr 1, 2010 2035
NTSB: Glass hasn't made us safer: A new NTSB study highlights standardization, training and testing as ways to realize digital flight displays' promise. But much has changed in glass-panel training since the period studied by the NTSB. Apr 1, 2010 912
Pegasus of the fleet the Navy's flying warrants. Hutto, Jonathan W., Sr. Feb 1, 2010 2144
APS's upset training: practical survival skills. Doolittle, Jon Feb 1, 2010 1752
The mountain pass and ridgeline Venturi effect. Lockridge, James Feb 1, 2010 1772
Improving human systems. Fooshee, Sidney; Smith, Katie Jan 1, 2010 665
Hawking radalt. Oechslein, Dave Jan 1, 2010 934
New options for currency: once in a while, the FAA decides to update those pesky regs. For IFR fliers with access to an ATD, there are some new rules in house. Commercial candidates should also take note. McNamee, Jeff Jan 1, 2010 1269
Real-world steep turns: after the checkride, you still need to know how to fly in and out of a steep turn, and what's happening while you're there. Turner, Thomas P. Cover story Dec 1, 2009 2130
Heads up in the hold: not everybody out there has a GPS picture plus the words, "Hold Parallel," flashing in their face. Mental hold entries are almost a lost art. Christian, Rob Nov 1, 2009 2513
The home sim workout: using a desktop simulator to keep your skills from complete atrophy is a great idea. But there are better and worse ways to practice. Van West, Jeff; Bodeen, Chuck Oct 1, 2009 1428
Just ask Talley: what was it like to train pilots to fly on instruments during wartime? Here's an inside view, complete with the cheap tequila. Van West, Jeff Interview Oct 1, 2009 1137
Unit safety. Brief article Sep 1, 2009 257
Training aviators of the highest qualification in independent Lithuania (1990-2009)/ Auksciausios kvalifikacijos aviacijos specialistu rengimas nepriklausomoje Lietuvoje (1990-2009 M.). Liekis, Algimantas Report Sep 1, 2009 8509
Breaking routine. Hamby, Fred Essay Jul 1, 2009 658
Zero-zero departure: current training places too little emphasis on perfecting the instrument takeoff. Burnside, Joseph E. "Jeb" Jul 1, 2009 1251
ATC doesn't have to fly; a controller's job is separating aircraft, and he doesn't have to be a pilot to do that well. Flying the airplane is your problem. Kramer, Tarrance May 1, 2009 1875
Instrument rating: the first 100 hours: you'll never be more current than the day of your checkride, but getting and staying proficient requires developing a plan and sticking with it. Turner, Thomas P. May 1, 2009 2381
Aviation training programs soar. Friedman, Mark Apr 20, 2009 1043
Emirates Doubles Number of UAE National. Apr 16, 2009 544
162nd Fighter Wing Tucson International Airport. Agency overview Mar 1, 2009 868
Night in the mountains: most flight training doesn't prepare us for what can happen when we venture beyond the practice area. Burnside, Joseph E. (Jeb) Mar 1, 2009 1334
To scud run, perchance to buy it: before you even think about flying low through bad weather, get some dual instruction in realistic conditions. Then don't do it. Durden, Rick Feb 1, 2009 2574
Simulator aids chopper training. Brief article Jan 28, 2009 116
Pitch and power exercises: some suggestions to help better understand the interrelationships of pitch and power to airspeed and altitude. Bowlin, Frank Jan 1, 2009 2868
The gear solution. Forsling, Carl Sep 1, 2008 1164
Helmet fire. Metrick, Aaron Personal account Sep 1, 2008 808
The 2 stupidest things. Jungemann, Joel Viewpoint essay Sep 1, 2008 1563
90 days to contemplate. Johnson, Thad Personal account Sep 1, 2008 1034
When competing ideals collide. Gelfand, Jason Personal account Sep 1, 2008 1740
A matter of survival. Goodenough, John Personal account Sep 1, 2008 668
VT-27. Brief article Sep 1, 2008 255
More on Flight Instruction. Dodds, Ned Letter to the editor Aug 1, 2008 513
Compensating for inexperience: better, more focused training and disciplined procedures can help the pros overcome reduced experience. Here's what you can learn from them. Bowlin, Frank May 1, 2008 2288
What danger? Our brains weren't made to go much faster than a run, and we don't want to handle all the sensory information that comes from flight, plus all the other decisions. Pickerill, Grey May 1, 2008 950
VT-9. May 1, 2008 414
Don't drop it. Montoya, Mike May 1, 2008 1346
Complacency hit list. Brief article May 1, 2008 310
Safer maneuvering: understanding and using available tools to make us think in three dimensions can help minimize this type of accident. Stowell, Rich Apr 1, 2008 2532
Awakenings: getting back in the game after you and your plane have spent a winter hibernating really only means taking some time for planning and review. Bowlin, Frank Apr 1, 2008 1949
Making practice count: IFR self-critique: a dot here, a dot there and the next thing you know, you're in the CFIT database. Grade yourself on every flight and that won't happen. Straw, Bill Apr 1, 2008 1701
When to fold 'em. Personal account Apr 1, 2008 694
Osmosis. Burnside, Jeb Editorial Mar 1, 2008 509
The problem with flight training: how modern flight instruction is training pilots to make fatal mistakes. Stowell, Rich Mar 1, 2008 2768
How not to get experience: for the new private pilot wanting to use an airplane for personal transportation, getting experience is critical. How to get it is even more important. Turner, Thomas P. Cover story Mar 1, 2008 2319
Learning backwards. Van West, Jeff Sep 1, 2007 514
Sport planes for IFR: could a light-sport aircraft be the perfect mount for instrument training? Some might be up to the task, even in hard IMC. Van West, Jeff Sep 1, 2007 1930
Go get your ATP: when your best intentions for proficiency get pushed aside, try a little pink slip fright and bragging rights for motivation. Rozendaal, Doug Sep 1, 2007 1415
Proficiency in pieces: it's a recipe for disaster when pilots who fly the most train the most and pilots who fly the least train the least. Robinson, Frank Jul 1, 2007 1515
Tune up your scan: from IFR newbies to crusty old freight dogs, the scan is the foundation for flying in the soup. Sometimes it needs a fresh look. Kilcourse, Craig Apr 1, 2007 1152
"New normal" landings: regardless of our performance during the rest of the flight, it's often the landing by which others measure our piloting skills. Stowell, Rich Cover story Feb 1, 2007 2571
Safety equipment: it's not your fault; the engine just quit, but you're still on the ground in a remote area. What's in your airplane to get you through an off-airport landing? Burnside, Joseph E. Feb 1, 2007 2056
Beginner's mind. Van West, Jeff Editorial Feb 1, 2007 545
Hands full: sometimes, in-flight emergencies can overload us. We have to take control of the situation. Burnside, Joseph E. Jan 1, 2007 1330
New to the flight levels? The high teens and low twenties are popular altitudes to fly but come with their own challenges. It's just enough different that you may need this refresher. Turner, Thomas P. Nov 1, 2006 2933
Defining known ice: you launched through a 200-foot-thick cloud layer at zero degrees C without known ice certification. Does the FAA care? Miller, Bob Nov 1, 2006 1664
One minute saved my life. As a squadron safety officer, it is my responsibility to be the CO's conscience on safety matters, promote safety programs, provide training, and get the masses excited about safety as a way of life. Vodicka, Dave Nov 1, 2006 1217
Fumes in the cockpit. Berger, Ken, II Nov 1, 2006 641
Cold and quiet at Angels 16. Lyon, Nate Nov 1, 2006 1776
Commercial maneuvers: what exactly is the point of Chandelles and Lazy-8s, anyway? If you're paying attention, they teach aircraft control and precision beyond the dull normal of straight-and-level flying. Turner, Thomas P. Oct 1, 2006 2860
Finnair starts training with Embraer 170 flight simulator. Brief article Aug 3, 2006 101
The failures of SBT: make that scenario-based training (SBT) accompanying a new Cirrus or Cessna pay off by knowing where it works and where it doesn't. Van West, Jeff Jun 1, 2006 2161
FSI's hypoxia training: this innovative simulator-based program shows what it's like to become utterly stupid in the cockpit from lack of oxygen. It's a worthy alternative to a chamber ride. Bertorelli, Paul Feb 1, 2006 1132
Wet n' wild at Fairchild. Scott, Wagers Sep 22, 2005 418
Bridging the gap: the future of fighter pilot training. Chartier, Jacqueline Sep 1, 2005 916
Grampaw Pettibone. Sep 1, 2005 740
Contingency response group: time to expand the box and think "coalition". Wathen, Alexander M. Jun 22, 2005 1673
Button blunder. Jan 1, 2005 987
Pushing the edge of the virtual envelope. Buhlmann, Christian Jan 1, 2005 591
Nugget test pilot. Stevenson, Matt Jul 1, 2004 868
Attentional models of multitask pilot performance using advanced display technology. Wickens, Christopher D.; Goh, Juliana; Helleberg, John; Horrey, William J.; Talleur, Donald A. Sep 22, 2003 11225
Weatherwise: evaluation of a cue-based training approach for the recognition of deteriorating weather conditions during flight. Wiggins, Mark; O'Hare, David Jun 22, 2003 5121
Avsoft Systems. (Cool Colorado Stuff). Peterson, Eric Brief Article Apr 1, 2003 200
Feline frequent flyer, or the cat's meow. Trinkle, Bryan E. Brief Article Feb 1, 2003 267
Smells like JP-5. Dicaro, Peter J. Feb 1, 2003 760
VAW-120 Greyhawks: training aircrews for the fleet. Llinares, Rick Jan 1, 2003 1094
Commander fears 'Simulation Atrophy': Distributed Mission Training moving 'technologically in right direction'. Tiron, Roxana Feb 1, 2002 2316
Been there! Done that! Tale of the instructor pilot. DeStasio, Robert A. Dec 1, 2001 1181
Pilot Safety Award of Distinction. (Monthly Award Winners). Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 284
Aircrew Safety Award of Distinction. (Monthly Award winners). Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 253
FlightSafety International. Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 121
SKATING ON THICK ICE. Shackelton, Cory Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 812
NAVAL TEST PILOTS MAKE THE GRADE AT BOSCOMBE DOWN. Gill, Cindy Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 320
You Want Me To Do What. Claybrook, Chris Brief Article Feb 1, 2001 543
The Longest 3 Seconds. Taylor, Tom Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 1019
I Can Do This in My Sleep. Nichols, Brian Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 677
Definitely Above Average. Gortner, Pete Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 662
Almost a Night Swim. Fillion, Dan Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 618
Flight Training Goes to the Movies With High-Resolution Graphics. Willingham, Stephen Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 404
Super Hornet Tactical Aircraft Trainer Suits U.S. Navy's Priorities. Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 650
Aircraft Improvements Lead To Dilemma of 'Concurrency'. Erwin, Sandra I. Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 828
Navy Fine-Tuning Acquisition Strategy for Flight Simulators. Erwin, Sandra I. Nov 1, 2000 2413
Databases Move to Next Level In Distributed Mission Training. Kutner, Joshua A. Nov 1, 2000 1835
NFO'S GATEWAY TO THE FLEET FOR 40 YEARS. Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 677
Airline Mechanics School Thrives at Drake Field. Bowden, Bill Brief Article Dec 6, 1999 425
Flying in Nepal: 'On a wing and a prayer'. Oct 4, 1999 829
Regional flight school takes off at Walnut Ridge. Parham, Jon Oct 4, 1999 383
Rehearsal versus Map Study as Preparation for a Flight Navigation Exercise. Bone, Randall; Lintern, Gavan Sep 1, 1999 4274
REACH FOR THE SKY. Lawson, John W. Statistical Data Included Aug 1, 1999 1802
High fidelity: safety training for pilots. Twombly, Mark Jun 1, 1998 1390
High Fidelity Safety Training for Pilots Twombly, Mark Article Jun 1, 1998 1413
The predictive validity of the EPI and 16PF for military flying training. Bartram, D. Sep 1, 1995 7312
New life for contract training flight services. Bradshaw, Steve Jan 1, 1993 1746
Thorn wins update and EW contracts. Streetly, Martin Aug 1, 1992 349

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