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Flight safety.

CAPT. HUGH E. WALKER III, 77 FS, SHAW AFB, S.C. Capt. Walker had an uneventful takeoff and recovery in his F-16 until short final during the landing phase of the mission. At that time, Capt. Walker encountered a flock of birds and maintained superb aircraft control in order to continue the landing. Without time to spare, he was able to maintain an appropriate glide slope and airspeed for landing and was able to determine that the aircraft was capable of landing. Capt. Walker landed the aircraft uneventfully avoiding any further complications. In addition to this event, during the months of Jan., Feb. and Mar., Capt. Walker expertly organized and directed three LFEs within the local MOAs. His steadfast dedication to safety contributed to the safe departure, tactical employment and recovery of over 54 aircraft during the LFEs without incident. Assets that were directly coordinated by Capt. Walker include AWACS, KC-10s, F-16s, F-18s and F-15Es among various others. With altitude de-confliction and training rules at the forefront of his planning and execution phases, Capt. Walker showed outstanding compliance with all applicable regulations to make these LFEs challenging yet safe in all facets of the operation. Capt. Walker's outstanding airmanship, dedication to safety and technical order knowledge provided valuable training to all involved including three mission commander up-grades as well as saving a $25M asset with no casualties.

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Publication:Combat Edge
Date:Jul 1, 2012
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