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Flight safety: award of the quarter.

TSgt Campbell was observing Aft Optical Bench (AOB) maintenance in the Airborne Laser clean room when he noticed that current wire wrapping and securing did not appear to meet Air Force and contractor standards. He researched and suggested implementation of common Air Force procedures. The contractor reviewed the procedures and implemented a change on the spot. Sergeant Campbell's consistent attention to detail not only reduced foreign object damage potential and electrical wire chaffing in the $5 million AOB, but prevented possible equipment damage, increasing the safety of the flight crew. He followed-up on corrective actions to ensure they were incorporated into the engineering drawings and that Federal Aviation Administration certifications were met. Sergeant Campbell's discovery saved more than 300 man-hours of re-work to the AOB and the safety hazard associated with it. A couple of weeks later, Sergeant Campbell attended a 1-day class at Hales Engineering in Camarillo, Calif., dealing with Airborne Laser Aerospace Ground Equipment. During this visit, he was asked to train five subcontractors on Hydraulic Test Stand operations. Sergeant Campbell performed a prior-to-use inspection on the test stand, which revealed loose and malfunctioning equipment control knobs. He repaired the knobs and upon starting the test stand, he noticed a leaking fuel line on the return side of the motor, which he isolated and repaired. Without repairs, the leak would have escalated, posing potential harm to personnel and destruction of the government-owned stand worth $95,000. His findings were elevated, and formally documented to ensure a long-term fix. After completing the test stand training, Sergeant Campbell inspected a chiller unit slated for use in the Systems Integration Lab. An inspection led to the identification of: incorrect weld and solder joints, the installation of incorrect hardware, an electrical system that was not isolated from possible water contact, a broken wire, and unsupported wiring harnesses. His findings were immediately elevated and documented, successfully avoiding program delays.


TSgt James L. Campell, Jr., 31st Test & Evaluation Sqdn., Edwards AFB, California
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Title Annotation:Quarterly Award Winners; U.S. Air Force
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Date:Apr 1, 2004
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