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Flight line safety: award of distinction.

MSgt Morton led the development and implementation of protective cover faceplates for the B-2 fire extinguishing control panel and engine/APU control panel to prevent safety-of-flight incidents which could result in the loss of an aircraft. These systems have been inadvertently activated in-flight due to accidental switch depression, leading to engine shutdowns. Within 2 days of the Flight Safety office request to Research Engineering to investigate a solution to the problem, MSgt Morton had prototype designs ready for review and approval. His concept involved installing Plexiglas faceplates over the panels to provide protection from accidental contact. The faceplate does not cover the actual switches rather it provides a raised framework around the buttons essentially recessing them while allowing for positive access at all times for emergency use. He created detailed three-dimensional computer-aided drawings and quickly arranged Metals Tech support to locally manufacture the first article test faceplates. Less than a week later they were available for safety team review and demonstration on actual aircraft components. Once the final design was confirmed, MSgt Morton coordinated certification testing at Tinker AFB and assisted in preparation of the proposal package to make the faceplates a permanent modification to the B-2. He performed the first aircraft installation as part of the time compliance technical order (TCTO) evaluation for proper fit, function, and maintenance procedures. MSgt Morton's tireless efforts resulted in the validation and verification of TCTO 1B-2A-952 on 8 Mar 06, providing the B-2 and her crew permanent protection from accidental engine shutdown.


MSgt Carl A. Morton

509th Maintenance Operations Squadron

509th Bomb Wing

Whiteman AFB, Mo.
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Author:Morton, Carl A.
Publication:Combat Edge
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Date:Jun 1, 2006
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