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Flickr vision of a fogbound Pier Head; William Leece looks at the latest Daily Post Flickr images.

Byline: William Leece

IT WAS one of the most bizarre weather events of last week. Not the short off-on-off heatwave, but the banks of fog that rolled across the Irish Sea and into the Mersey last Tuesday afternoon.

Almost in an instant, there was a chill in the air, and the tops of the high buildings were lost from view.

It was a photographer's delight, and the Flickr group has several shots of the way the city was almost lost to view.

But the top prize - alas, no more than a public pat on the back - goes to Wirral-based Lee Carus.

He watched how the fog drifted in as far as New Brighton, and then as the sun went down and conditions got cooler it move up river towards the Pier Head.

There was a momentary battle between the comfort of the couch and the desire to get out taking pictures, and the pictures won, to spectacular effect.

There's an unreal feeling about the house in Birkenhead caught by Stu Egan, but also a defiant sense of pride about the way the flag is kept flying even when everything around appears to be neglected and run-down.

The Light Nights late opening of Liverpool's galleries and concert venues brought in visitors by the hundreds, many of them meticulously recorded by the Daily Post Flickr groups.

Mobilevirgin was able to catch up with the Senegalese group Taara, playing with guests at the Bluecoat - a great set, he says.

* SEE Italian scooters in Italy have a style all of their own which does not always translate to chilly Britain, but there is real feel of the chic of the scooter on Gavin. Broadhurst's sun-drenched snap, aptly entitled Fag Break.

unique views city by visiting pooldaily post.videos-There is sunshine, too, in the old-style deck-access flats painted up by their occupants and captured by Brian.Mason32 - a real hint of the Mediterranean.

flickr-* ONE of the little-known consequences of the May Blitz of 1941, in Liverpool, is the way in which the rubble from the wrecked buildings was recycled to improve the erosion defences along the Mersey coast between Crosby and Hightown.

thousands the liver uk/pictures/ It provides the starting point for an exhibition of photographs by Flickr group member Tom Fairclough at the Metquarter shopping arcade until the end of June, and there will be an interview with Tom and images from the exhibition in the Daily Post's arts pages tomorrow.

group/ * THERE is a dedicated page on where you can add your own favourites.


A house flies the flag proudly amid waste land in Birkenhead Picture: STU EGAN Fag break Picture: GAVIN.BROADHURST Picture: MOBILEVIRGIN Mediterranean colours on one of Liverpool's old deck access blocks of flats Picture: BRIAN.MASON32 Liverpool's Pier Head looks unreal as the fog comes down over the Mersey Picture: LEE CARUS
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 25, 2010
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