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Flexion of God.

I have a friend who is red hot with pain. He feels the lights like hard rain through his pores. Together we went to ask Isaac. Isaac said I will tell you the story told to me. It was from Adam issued the lights. From the lights of his forehead were formed all the names of the world. From the fights of his ears, nose and throat came a function no one has ever defined. From the fights of his eyes--but wait-- Isaac waits. In theory the lights of the eye should have issued from Adam's navel. But within the lights themselves occurred an intake of breath and they changed their path. And they were separated. And they were caught in the head. And from these separated lights came what pains you on its errands (here my friend began to weep) through the world. For be assured it is not only you who mourn. Isaac lashed his tail. Every rank of world was caused to descend (at least one rank) by the terrible pressure of the light. Nothing remained in place. Nothing was not captured except among the shards and roots and matter some lights from Adam's eyes nourished there somehow. Isaac stopped his roaring. And my friend by now drowsy as a snake subsided behind a heap of blueblack syllables.
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Author:Carson, Anne
Publication:The American Poetry Review
Date:Jan 1, 1993
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