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Flexicon's new multi-purpose filler improves accessibility & reduces costs.

A new Multi-Purpose Filler introduced by Flexicon, dispenses bulk solid materials into boxes, drums and bulk bags, by weight. The unit features a fill head that seals dust-tight against the inlet spout of bulk bags, or connects to transition adapters that seal against open boxes or drums.

The filler utilizes the company's patented TwinCenterpost frame that is designed to maximize strength and improve accessibility to the fill head while simplifying construction and reducing cost. It is mounted on load cells tied into a PLC that controls upstream devices to fill containers at high rate, and then at dribble-feed rate to maximize the number of containers filled per hour, while still achieving required accuracies. An automated vibratory system raises and vibrates the container deck to deacrate and densify material, stabilizing the container. The low-profile configuration of the filler also allows removal of filled containers using a pallet jack, eliminating the need for a fork truck.

Bulk-bag-filling-related features include manual fill head height adjustment to accommodate all popular bag sizes, pneumatically-retractable bag hooks, an inflatable connector to seal the bag inlet spout, and a feed chute outlet port for dust-free air displacement during filling. A transition hood is connected to the fill head using quick-action clamps, to fill boxes from 36 in. to 48 in. on a side and 39 in. to 44 in. overall height. For filling of drums from 30 to 55 gal, a pneumatically-actuated, telescoping drum filling adapter swivels inward for rapid connection to the fill head using quick-action clamps, after which an inlet plate is sealed against the rim of the drum.

Flexicon Corporation, Bethlehem, Pa., USA, Tel: +1 888 353 9426, Web:

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Comment:Flexicon's new multi-purpose filler improves accessibility & reduces costs.(EQUIPMENT & PACKAGING SHOWCASE)
Publication:Tea & Coffee Trade Journal
Date:Mar 1, 2013
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