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Building resiliency into the National Military Strategy. Carstens, David H. Report Apr 1, 2012 4024
Deterrence at the operational level of war. Blackwell, James Report Jun 22, 2011 8647
Conventional prompt global strike and long-range ballistic missiles: background and issues. Woolf, Amy F. Report Jun 1, 2011 22280
MEETING THE CHALLENGE: TIME IS RUNNING OUT. Abrahamson, James L. Sep 28, 2009 351
Conventional deterrence in the second nuclear age. Gerson, Michael S. Sep 22, 2009 7914
ANA to reinstate fuel surcharges for international passenger flights. Aug 19, 2009 193
Executive summary. Gurney, D.H. Apr 1, 2009 1674
Commander's business: learning to practice operational design. Swain, Richard M. Report Apr 1, 2009 7042
Lord Jones' regional strategy; MAYORS. Feb 26, 2009 122
Deutsche Bank AutobahnA Equity Releases the Stealth Strategy Algorithm. Feb 25, 2009 275
New "Stealth" strategy algorithm improves tradng liquidity. Feb 25, 2009 139
Kyrgyzstan achieves 5 most significant results due to implementation of Country Development Strategy - Economic Development Minister. Feb 25, 2009 175
South Sudan cabinet passes Security Strategy document. Feb 23, 2009 532
New strategy for carers to be launched. Feb 23, 2009 254
Egypt's strategy toward Gaza is incremental, long-term. Feb 22, 2009 928
Collaboration with Russia is the best US strategy to contain nuclear threat. Feb 20, 2009 438
All inclusive energy strategy need of the hour. Feb 20, 2009 858
Afghanistan's difficult calculus. Feb 19, 2009 859
Bank policymakers unite on slump-busting strategy. Feb 19, 2009 240
Conservatives plan to end rigid housing target strategy. Feb 18, 2009 353
Tunisia: Country Sets Up Strategy to Increase Wheat Crops. Feb 17, 2009 274
A welcome step forward for sufferers; In association with the NHS. Feb 16, 2009 360
CIS Government Council to review CIS Economic Development Strategy draft in Astana. Feb 13, 2009 196
US envoy arrives in Pakistan, seeks new strategy. Feb 12, 2009 349
Algeria should adopt ''long-term strategy'' to address global crisis. Feb 11, 2009 139
Pakistan ponders dialogue strategy. Feb 11, 2009 515
Strategy rethink on bush blazes; Survival 'top priority'. Feb 11, 2009 347
Pay-cuts keep teams together until 'green shoots' appear; Employers across Wales are looking at reduced pay deals to cut costs as an alternative to making staff redundant. With the recession set to deepen further, Sian Davies looks at the implications of this strategy for employers and employees, and asks whether businesses are exploring all the options. Feb 11, 2009 649
Manager to improve marketing strategy. Feb 11, 2009 253
IBM, Juniper join in cloud strategy. Feb 10, 2009 862
Dementia strategy; In association with the NHS. Feb 9, 2009 210
Are GCC fund managers following the correct strategy? Feb 7, 2009 474
IsraelAEs Subtle Propaganda Strategy. Feb 7, 2009 2483
Israel's Subtle Propaganda Strategy. Feb 7, 2009 2483
'Strategy is to minimise cost base'. Feb 6, 2009 1073
CLUELESS; Consumer body is blasted over boss' EUR25k bonus as Opposition calls for new strategy. Feb 6, 2009 475
Minister defends strategy. Feb 5, 2009 312
Deyaar to offer more flexible tepayment plans under new strategy. Feb 5, 2009 512
'Intensive farms have a SMALLER carbon footprint' N.Wales research casts doubt on green strategy. Feb 5, 2009 470
CRIME FOCUS EARNS PRAISE; Strategy acclaim. Feb 5, 2009 323
MP calls for new jobs strategy. Feb 5, 2009 266
`Right war' needs strategy. Editorial Feb 5, 2009 532
1031 deal offers seller exit strategy. Feb 4, 2009 209
Airport company to chart ICT strategy. Feb 4, 2009 286
Airport company to chart ICT strategy. Feb 4, 2009 297
MPC likely to conclude strategy is working and make further cut; Economist with IHS Global Insight Howard Archer on tomorrow's decision on interest rates. Feb 4, 2009 816
Football: Sell players, get cheaper ones in and cross fingers; Ashley's transfer strategy laid bare Mike Ashley is adamant he wants to drive Newcastle United forward but he has once again failed to put his money where his mouth is. Chief sports writer Luke Edwards reports. Feb 4, 2009 1048
Al Fajer Properties Completes Restructuring; Adapts New Strategy. Feb 4, 2009 229
ADAC proposes collaboration on strategy for aviation crisis management. Feb 3, 2009 440
STRATEGY TO BEAT DISEASE; Top doctors to oversee dementia care. Feb 3, 2009 278
Kyrgyz Ministry of Economic Development and Trade drafts country development strategy until 2035. Feb 2, 2009 144
No solutions to recession and no firm strategy after five days of talking in Davos; NATIONAL & INTERNATIONAL. Feb 2, 2009 355
Strategy to bust recession is set out; WALES. Feb 2, 2009 315
Market entry strategy. Feb 1, 2009 103
The people advantage: an HR executive employs a new company strategy. Reed-Woodard, Marcia A. Feb 1, 2009 380
Energy strategy: converting U.S. car park to hybrids should be priority one. Frodl, Michael G.; Manoyan, John M. Feb 1, 2009 2635
Sinking fleet: Navy's shipbuilding strategy remains under fire. Jean, Grace V. Feb 1, 2009 1262
Optimizing your test strategy: Microsoft's Xbox is a shining example of the economy of maintenance. Johnson, Stacy Kalisz Feb 1, 2009 806
Achieving the turnaround: from strategy to action. Martin, James; Samels, James E. Feb 1, 2009 2217
New thinking: a concise, collaborative, statewide workforce development strategy. Snyder, Thomas J. Feb 1, 2009 438
WALES: Legionella bug battle strategy. Jan 31, 2009 266
New Met chief outlines strategy. Jan 29, 2009 139
Mixed views on strategy. Jan 29, 2009 133
HMH outlines marketing strategy. Jan 28, 2009 362
Al Rabie outlines strategy for 2009. Jan 27, 2009 380
Mowbray at ease with an unchanging Albion; In association with BARCLAYS PREMIER LEAGUE Chinese wisdom helps manager keep attacking strategy. Jan 27, 2009 649
Al Rabie outlines strategy and budget plan for 2009 at annual meeting. Jan 26, 2009 464
Savvis Hires Former Ambassador to Lead International Growth Strategy. Jan 26, 2009 426
Abraaj Capital supports growth strategy with key senior appointments. Jan 24, 2009 610
Family Life: Parenting with Supermam; SUPERMAM Claire Walsh is a mum of two lively youngsters, Louis and Leilah, and leads Stockton's Parenting Strategy. She can help solve your family problems with guidelines on how to cope. Jan 23, 2009 320
SunEdison Acquires Business Institute Solar Strategy. Jan 22, 2009 247
Expert to speak on global competitiveness. Jan 22, 2009 590
Ambitious young Villa can better class of '81-82; In association with BARCLAYS PREMIER LEAGUE European winner Shaw sees O'Neill's long-term strategy. Jan 20, 2009 650
Strategy for water. Jan 20, 2009 88
Artisan Studio selected by Alstom Transport as core platform for new engineering strategy. Jan 20, 2009 216
Companies must now use a 'back-to-basics' strategy; In association with COVENTRY & WARWICKSHIRE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Jan 19, 2009 547
Tackling the fuel poverty problem; Strategy plans to bring warmth to householders. Jan 16, 2009 427
Family Life: Parenting with Supermam; SUPERMAM Claire Walsh is a mum of two lively youngsters, Louis and Leilah, and leads Stockton's Parenting Strategy. She can help solve your family problems with guidelines on how to cope. Jan 16, 2009 335
Welsh troops aiming to promote Afghan control; Strategy is the key to scaling down British army presence. Jan 15, 2009 581
New strategy means RBS sell pounds 1.6bn stake in Bank of China; BANKING. Jan 15, 2009 358
Google unrolls go-to-market strategy. Jan 15, 2009 383
The right to self-defence is not a strategy for peace. Jan 14, 2009 715
Google unrolls go-to-market strategy. Jan 14, 2009 383
The Gulf Research Center Gulf-Africa Strategy Forum. Jan 14, 2009 515
Sarasin's Strategy Outlook: The Smoke is Starting to Clear Revealing Investment Opportunities. Jan 14, 2009 638
WALES: Strategy unveiled to handle tension. Jan 13, 2009 288
Strategy to secure future of red meat. Jan 13, 2009 388
THERE ISN'T AN ALZHEIMER'S CARE STRATEGY. YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN; EXCLUSIVE TV Fiona blasts help for sufferer families. Jan 12, 2009 246
MoE's Communications Strategy Strengthens Global and Local Reach. Jan 12, 2009 265
Strategy for capital spending recalibrated. Jan 12, 2009 719
Pricing strategy pays off for Kroger. Jan 12, 2009 362
Social homes plan will help builders; Strategy to counteract falling sales. Jan 10, 2009 461
Parenting with Supermam; Family Life Parenting with Supermam SUPERMAM Claire Walsh is a mum of two lively youngsters, Louis and Leilah, and leads Stockton's Parenting Strategy. She can help solve your family problems with guidelines on how to cope. Jan 9, 2009 296
Parents' panel; Family Life Parenting with Supermam SUPERMAM Claire Walsh is a mum of two lively youngsters, Louis and Leilah, and leads Stockton's Parenting Strategy. She can help solve your family problems with guidelines on how to cope. Jan 9, 2009 219
DEBBIE McCABE, inset, of Stockton is mum to Finn, 10, and Elle, nine, and is franchise and marketing manager for Chips video games chain. Family Life Parenting with Supermam SUPERMAM Claire Walsh is a mum of two lively youngsters, Louis and Leilah, and leads Stockton's Parenting Strategy. She can help solve your family problems with guidelines on how to cope. Jan 9, 2009 266
Kids' stuff; Family Life Parenting with Supermam SUPERMAM Claire Walsh is a mum of two lively youngsters, Louis and Leilah, and leads Stockton's Parenting Strategy. She can help solve your family problems with guidelines on how to cope. Jan 9, 2009 136
Ofgem strategy to stop unfair pricing of power; UPDATE. Jan 9, 2009 148
Young 'leaders' draw up growth strategy. Jan 8, 2009 200
We must revise our world strategy. Jan 8, 2009 887
Unions back jobs strategy. Jan 5, 2009 322
Efficiency strategy probed. Jan 5, 2009 224
Morocco devises new strategy to protect tourism industry from global crisis. Industry overview Jan 4, 2009 534
Israel has no real strategy to deal with Hamas. Jan 3, 2009 975
Priests must sign up to child abuse strategy; CHURCH. Jan 3, 2009 148
Morocco formulates new strategy to protect tourism industry from global crisis. Industry overview Jan 2, 2009 561
Differentiation strategy, performance measurement systems and organizational performance: evidence from Australia. Spencer, X. Sarah Yang; Joiner, Therese A.; Salmon, Suzanne Jan 1, 2009 7807
Crisis management: what's your strategy? Do not underestimate the potential risk and costs of a crisis. Bloom, Bruce V. Jan 1, 2009 1203
Motown magic: thanks to its huge assortment of unique merchandise, sharp pricing strategy and outstanding employees, Hiller's Markets is prospering. Turcsik, Richard Jan 1, 2009 4041
Enrollment capacity: a major driver to an institution's "best" aid strategy. Kurz, Kathy; Scannell, Jim Jan 1, 2009 1416
Coatings Summit, global strategy and networking forum, to be held in Munich, February 15-17, 2009. Jan 1, 2009 356
Fine-tuning your portfolio game plan. Jones, Dan Jan 1, 2009 1401
Data is first step in strategy plans: understanding the forces driving the life/health market can make all the difference in sales. Hoeg, Gregory J. Jan 1, 2009 508
Irregular warfare is warfare. Coons, Kenneth C., Jr.; Harned, Glenn M. Jan 1, 2009 4558
USPACOM J4: overcoming the tyranny of distance through engagement, integration, planning and flexible response. Matthews, Andy Cover story Jan 1, 2009 1989
Reflections on ERM inflections: 2009 is poised to be a pivotal year for enterprise risk management as ratings houses take the strategy into account across all industries. Yovovich, B.G. Cover story Jan 1, 2009 2713
Accounting for standards: adoption of international accounting standards mandates rethinking strategy. Sherman, Erik Jan 1, 2009 1999
Re-thinking global strategy: will India, China and emerging markets continue as the new centers of global gravity in the new era? Pellet, Jennifer Jan 1, 2009 1163
Pioneer Hi-Bred unveils a new business strategy to bring its seed genetics to more acres around the world through a network of partnerships and new brands. Jan 1, 2009 306
Global 2008: war game series helps Navy plan for future capabilities to defeat worldwide maritime threats in cooperation with allies. Carreno, Jose; Siordia, Antonio Jan 1, 2009 1562
METOC data management for net-centric operations: a strategy for sharing information across the joint METOC community. Ladner, Roy Jan 1, 2009 1205
Morocco devises new strategy to protect tourism industry from global crisis. Industry overview Dec 31, 2008 515
Becker Avionics appoinst new vice president of strategy and business development. Dec 31, 2008 153
Becker Avionics names new VP of Strategy & Business Development. Dec 30, 2008 116
Flood prevention strategy rapped. Dec 28, 2008 591
Strategy to meet rural challenge; WALES CHANGES AT TOP FOR CHURCHES. Dec 26, 2008 253
Opec strategy should go beyond increasing or decreasing production. Dec 25, 2008 606
Lebanon: Incomplete Strategies. Dec 24, 2008 605
Liquivac rings in new strategy. Dec 23, 2008 165
Honeywell packs a seamless, integrated strategy in I-Mac. Dec 23, 2008 1133
Rival Lebanese parties resume dialogue on national defense strategy today. Dec 22, 2008 838
Asean members adopt climate strategy. Dec 20, 2008 173
Swedish engineering consulting group SWECO develops water resource strategy for Maputo, Mozambique. Dec 18, 2008 195
WALES: Strategy to boost tourism unveiled. Dec 16, 2008 248
Global's future strategy and strength provides confidence that this is a temporary situation. Dec 16, 2008 474
Magpies' cautious strategy pays off. Dec 15, 2008 670
Merchants ensure that categories 'win, play or show'. Dec 15, 2008 581
Cabinet decides on strategy plan. Dec 13, 2008 169
Cricket: Tourists' cautious strategy backfires; England tail off after solid start. Dec 12, 2008 525
Tourism chiefs will spendpounds 750,000 to keep cultural LIVERPOOL on the map; Bold strategy aims to ensure 2008 momentum and profile isn't lost 08 THE LEGACY. Dec 10, 2008 545
Company strategy is honoured. Dec 10, 2008 125
Volkswagen AG Board of Management pushes forward with "Strategy 2018" project for the future. Dec 10, 2008 452
Councilors oppose beetle strategy; USDA recommends cutting down 20,000 trees. Dec 10, 2008 676
Now is the time to get your environmental strategy green-lighted. Forshee, Tom Dec 10, 2008 690
Tieto Corporation presents its renewed business strategy. Dec 9, 2008 279
Trophy upsets part of Bees' strategy for league success; EDF NATIONAL TROPHY In association with Dec 9, 2008 477
Market swings: global economy plays major role in U.S. energy strategy. Frodl, Michael G.; Manoyan, John M. Industry overview Dec 1, 2008 2315
A joined-up transport strategy. Ford, Neil Dec 1, 2008 1698
Management accounting--financial strategy: many students find intangible assets hard to handle, William Parrott explains three methods of calculating the total value of a firm's intangibles. Parrott, William Dec 1, 2008 1482
Sun Chemical names Felipe Mellado chief marketing officer, Bradley Schrader VP of strategy and business development. Dec 1, 2008 195
Manganese in Madison's drinking water. Schlenker, Thomas; Hausbeck, John; Sorsa, Kirsti Dec 1, 2008 2990
I'll pay by debit: these days, debit cards--not checks--are increasingly driving the relationships between customers and banks. One strategy to encourage debit-card usage is to offer "instant" rewards to encourage targeted customers to utilize their card more often. Giltner, Bob Dec 1, 2008 2189
Know what to ask: finding the right strategy hinges on posing the right questions. Kanu, Kingsley, Jr. Brief article Dec 1, 2008 245
Repairing the budgeting process: the budgeting process often gets in the way of successful strategy achievement. Cokins, Gary Dec 1, 2008 1676
Fixing fragile states. Kaplan, Seth Dec 1, 2008 5924
A push-pull strategy for change: one basic way to win followers is to articulate demand for change and put people in touch with their own discontent about the status quo. Armajani, Babak Viewpoint essay Dec 1, 2008 817
Mortgage BPO-now's the time: the hard-dollar savings from a solid business-process outsourcing strategy can be significant. Arnold, Steve Dec 1, 2008 3562
Store experience an integral part of winning strategy. Nov 17, 2008 684
The Saudi Peace Strategy Vs Iran-Led Axis. Nov 17, 2008 1073
Afghanistan welcomes Obama, wants change in U.S. strategy. Nov 11, 2008 372
Walgreens deploys new strategy. Nov 10, 2008 365
Developing an integrated, agile, and high-performing future workforce; The DoD logistics human capital strategy. Blodgett, Christopher; Conrad, Carol; Kobren, Bill Company overview Nov 1, 2008 2903
The science of pricing: while there is an art to setting pricing strategy, price optimization software provides grocers with data to back their decisions. Zimmermann, Kim Ann Nov 1, 2008 1767
A Pan American Health Organization strategy for cervical cancer prevention and control in Latin America and the Caribbean. Luciani, Silvana; Andrus, Jon Kim Nov 1, 2008 4386
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations: EPA Needs More Information and a Clearly Defined Strategy to Protect Air and Water Quality from Pollutants of Concern. Nov 1, 2008 989
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations: EPA Needs More Information and a Clearly Defined Strategy to Protect Air and Water Quality. Nov 1, 2008 647
Two CEOs, one strategy: how two dissimilar companies employed similar innovation through employee engagement strategies to transform their companies. Donnelly, Robert M. Company overview Nov 1, 2008 2692
Having more showcase customers tops Mitsubishi's export strategy. Oct 31, 2008 347
The bishops' futile election strategy. Editorial Oct 31, 2008 778
Pakistan, Afghan tribal leaders discuss common strategy on terrorism. Oct 27, 2008 353
Business intelligence: Peter Simons explains why management accountants should work more closely with their colleagues in IT to help develop a BI strategy. Simons, Peter Company overview Oct 1, 2008 3051
Management accounting--business strategy: Porter's value chain has a modified version that's more applicable when analysing service organisations. The examiner for paper P6 explains. Oct 1, 2008 510
Youth celebrate life on Parliament Hill. Narine, Shari Oct 1, 2008 835
A window into Chinese thinking. Erickson, Andrew S. Reprint Sep 22, 2008 9128
The new U.S. maritime strategy surfaces. Rude, Lu Reprint Sep 22, 2008 3167
The U.S. Military's "maritime strategy" and future transformation. Baofu, Wang Reprint Sep 22, 2008 2105
The U.S. maritime strategy's new thinking: reviewing the "Cooperative Strategy for 21st Century Seapower". Hao, Su Reprint Sep 22, 2008 1560
Farmer Co-ops Conference focus on strategy, finance. Conference news Sep 1, 2008 274
Refining the In-Parameter-Order strategy for constructing covering arrays. Forbes, Michael; Lawrence, Jim; Lei, Yu; Kacker, Raghu N.; Kuhn, D. Richard Sep 1, 2008 7110
DoD Logistics Human Capital Strategy. Sep 1, 2008 141
Security cameras just one part of overall strategy to reduce theft. Jul 1, 2008 307
Early engagement strategy at Norwich University. Pratt, Richard A.; Martin, Gregg F. Jul 1, 2008 1372
The ROI (return on investment) of career development: a case study. Burkett, Holly J. Jul 1, 2008 5245
Global jihad and the evolution of terrorist-training doctrines. Bendle, Mervyn F. Mar 22, 2008 5226
Integrated benchmarking performance measures. Meybodi, Mohammad Z. Survey Jan 1, 2008 5965
A curvilinear relationship between control and strategy: sharing of control in a multinational network. Mukherji, Ananda; Mukherji, Jyotsna; Hurtado, Pedro Survey Jan 1, 2008 7301
South Carolina co-op pursuing three-pronged energy strategy. Mayberry, Anne Jan 1, 2008 973
Bison co-op helping Native Americans develop production, marketing strategy. Schofer, Dan Jan 1, 2008 851
2007 year in review: mid-market storage management strategy trends. Jablonski, Frank Jan 1, 2008 298
2008 forecast: mapping your data center caching strategy. O'Brien, Jack Jan 1, 2008 676
Joint engineering strategy. Lloyd, John P. Company overview Jan 1, 2008 2227
A theory of affective self-affinity: definitions and application to a company and its business. Aspara, Jaakko; Olkkonen, Rami; Tikkanen, Henrikki; Moisander, Johanna; Parvinen, Petri Report Jan 1, 2008 22754
Conceptualization of market expansion strategies in developing economies. Bang, Vasant V.; Joshi, Sharad L. Report Jan 1, 2008 11894
Understanding consumer privacy: a review and future directions. Lanier, Clinton D., Jr.; Saini, Amit Report Jan 1, 2008 27317
Nation-wide decentralized governance arrangements and capacities for integrated watershed management: issues and insights from Canada. Robins, Lisa Country overview Nov 1, 2007 22122
Airmen and the art of strategy. Moseley, T. Michael Report Sep 22, 2007 5077
Linking manufacturing strategy to product cost: toward time-based accounting: advanced manufacturing strategies are often undermined by legacy control systems of another era. one concept--time-based accounting--can help companies get out of this trap. Hutchinson, Robert Company overview Sep 22, 2007 5640
Current practices of enterprise risk management in Dubai: a survey of managers and executives from more than 100 businesses in Dubai, UAE, Assesses the current state of risk management in Dubai and outlines an ERM strategy companies can employ to better manage their risk. Rao, Ananth; Marie, Attiea Company overview Mar 22, 2007 5897
The application of the contingency it deployment strategy: evidence from the Middle East. Alserhan, Bakr Bin Ahmad Jan 1, 2007 4848
The selection of actionable cost objects for an activity-based costing system: the authors discuss the actionable cost object selection criteria they have developed as a result of supervising approximately 60 activity-based costing studies over the past nine years. Baxendale, Sidney J.; Raju, P.S.; Gupta, Mahesh Mar 22, 2006 2950
Assessing competing defense postures: the strategic implications of "flexible response." Zagare, Frank C.; Kilgour, D. Marc Apr 1, 1995 16273
Nuclear weapons in Kennedy's foreign policy. Nash, Philip Jan 1, 1994 6529

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