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Flexible clamping with modular workholding: avoid time-consuming, clumsy setups.

Every manufacturer that is challenged with small production lot sizes faces the fact that to be competitive, focus needs to be on setup time reduction. Even the most efficient production process can be crippled due to time-consuming and clumsy setups. In order to reduce the costs and time to produce products, the clamping of workpieces, their handling, as well as their movement--all take on a vital role.

Quick-change pallet systems that use locating pins to engage clamping modules to ensure that workpieces and workholding devices are mounted precisely and quickly offer an effective solution.

The Schunk Unilock Quick Change Pallet System is stationary clamping that can be applied in machine building, fixture construction, mold making, prototype, or high-volume applications.

The Unilock clamping modules can either be integrated into the machine table or mounted as an assembly onto the table surface. Single module applications are common, but multiple modules can be used to cover the complete machine table. The modules are the machine interface, and the clamping pins are the workholding interface. The Unilock clamping pins are typically mounted to the bottom of the workholding fixture or an intermediate pallet, but can also be mounted directly to the workpiece. The Schunk Unilock module clamps onto the clamping pin using spring force and unclamps pneumatically at 85 psi. The workpieces stay safely clamped even when the air hoses are disconnected and the work can be moved without being tethered to the air line.

Precise location

Clamping with Unilock occurs when the clamping module closes onto a clamping pin via spring force and radial pins. The clamping pin is moved into the module and is mounted either directly onto the workpiece or into the workholding fixture. The precise location of less than 0.0002" is assured by a steep taper engagement between the clamping modules and clamping pins.

Standard Unilock pallets are available in single- or double-pin constructions, in aluminum or steel. All workholding devices, bench vises or special fixtures, for example, can be upgraded by utilizing the Unilock product.

This modular system offers a great deal of flexibility. The user can interrupt the process anytime, unlock the workholding device, and replace it with another device with the assurance that it is located precisely without worrying about machine zero or fixture offsets. This system can enhance a machine's productivity by allowing an operator to set up the next job while running the existing one. Costly workholding devices can be eliminated by installing clamping pins directly into the workpiece or by moving a palletized workpiece from process to process and from machine to machine. Redundant pallets can also be used when time-consuming preparation of the workpiece is required before machining.

One manual and six sizes of pneumatic Unilock clamping modules are available, ranging in size from 90 mm to 196 mm in diameter. This wide variety of clamping modules gives the user multiple mounting and layout configurations. All the modules utilize the same 40-mm diameter clamping pin, reducing the need for specialized fixtures or a variety of workholding devices. Schunk Inc., 502tp-239
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