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Flexible Thumb Splint. (Product Watch).

The Flexible Thumb Splint from United Pacific, Inc., manufacturer of the Thermoskin[R] brand, is designed to support the thumb and restrict movement of the MCP and CMC joints for better healing.

The Flexible Thumb Splint comes in left and right styles, with a rigid insert that is moldable to the shape of the patient's thumb for a more comfortable fit. The thumb splint increases blood flow, wicks away moisture, is more comfortable to wear, and provides therapy and support.

Like other Thermoskin products, the Thumb Splint is made from Trioxon, a special material with a spiral structure that creates a microclimate, allowing the skin to ventilate by wicking away moisture.

Thermoskin is made up of three layers. The durable outer fabric binds the splint together. The middle layer is specially formulated nonporous rubberized material that provides therapy and support to help counteract tissue swelling. The inner layer is made up of the Trioxon material.

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Publication:Nursing Homes
Date:Jul 1, 2003
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