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Flexible PVC stabilizers have low phenol, phosphite. (Additives).

Two new mixed-metal heat stabilizers for flexible PVC are designed to reduce yellowing in clear PVC and improve indoor air quality by reducing phenol emissions. Mark 4847 from Crompton Corp. in Middlebury, Conn., is a bariumzinc liquid stabilizer with low phenol content. It is designed for flexible vinyls requiring excellent processing stability and initial color hold. It reportedly also gives excellent resistance to "water blush" in clear, thick sheet for applications such as boat windows and rear windows in convertible car tops. It also resists calender-roll plate-out.

Moreover, this stabilizer is also said to have better synergy with uv absorbers such as benzotriazoles, which can interact with phenolics and cause yellowing. In clear wire coating, it is said to maintain excellent resistance to copper greening.

New Mark 4853 Ba-Zn is one of a new generation of stabilizers for general-purpose molding, extrusion, and calendering that have very low VOCs. It is aimed at indoor applications like wall coverings. Its low phosphite content reduces phenol emissions during processing. The company is also developing Ca-Zn stabilizers with reduced phosphite levels. All these products have higher metal content to make up for the reduction in phosphite. Tel: (203) 573-2000,
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Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:May 1, 2003
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