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FlexiInternational Announces Major Upgrade to its Entire Suite of Client/Server Financial Applications; New FlexiFinancials Offers Enterprises Significant Enhancements through Optimized, Multi-Database Support; Seamless Integration with Complimentary Solutions; and Improved Information Access.

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 13, 1995--FlexiInternational Software Inc., a leading provider of open, object-oriented client/server financial management systems, today announced major upgrades to FlexiFinancials, its suite of applications. This comprehensive upgrade to FlexiLedger, FlexiPayables, FlexiReceivables, FlexiPurchasing and FlexiAssets offers significant enhancements in three key areas: open, multi-database support; further integration with complementary products and technologies; and improved access. In related announcements made today at Database & Client/Server World, the company introduced the extension of product portability across all versions of IBM DB2, and the expansion of its Strategic Alliance Program.

"These announcements exemplify FlexiInternational's strategy to provide leading-edge financial applications to the enterprise," said Stefan Bothe, chairman, CEO and founder of FlexiInternational. "This major upgrade of our entire product suite, coupled with the enhanced DB2 support and third party extensions, demonstrates that FlexiInternational is taking advantage of leading market technologies and confirms that productivity gains can be realized through the use of object technologies in the client/server solutions arena."

Functional Enhancements Across the Suite

Written in Microsoft Visual C++ and based upon the Microsoft foundation classes, this product update marks the availability of the first purpose-built, object-oriented client/server financial application suite. Each module of the suite has been enhanced with a set of common productivity features that increase ease-of-use and access to underlying data. Also, with open, multi-database support, FlexiInternational's applications are optimized for each database and operating system to take full advantage of the native platform features and functionality.

Realizing that organizations want comprehensive and extendible solutions based upon highly functional core capabilities, FlexiInternational strengthened FlexiFinancial's ability to integrate with third-party applications. This application synergy allows users to reap the benefits of user-friendly features such as sticky notes, image-enabled applications, workflow capabilities and simplified access to underlying data through third-party report writers and spreadsheet add-ins. Using these functions, users can easily add and retrieve data from FlexiFinancials and present the information using desktop applications such as Microsoft Excel.

With a new common user interface, FlexiFinancials applications promote user productivity by offering more efficient and intuitive operations within any application. As part of the user interface enhancements, the applications include features such as tree formatting, enhanced search options and user-defined reports, tab dialog boxes, increased functionality in defining and utilizing user defined fields, and an upgraded foreign currency component that allows multinational companies concurrent processing and reporting in multiple currencies.

"The number one reason companies move to client/server is to improve end-user access to information," said Clare Gillan, director of Applications Research at International Data Corporation. "FlexiInternational uses the latest technologies to deliver a highly productive solution to this common end-user requirement."

Application Enhancements

Each module within the FlexiFinancials suite has also been enhanced for optimal performance. The individual enhancements follow.

o FlexiLedger features improved drill-down capabilities to view supporting detail information from other FlexiInternational modules; user-defined balance types with unlimited support for accounting methods such as accrual, cash, combined and user defined, average daily balance support; improved structure definition via rules to enforce interrelated account structures; and additional mass account operations to allow a user to enable, disable, etc. a range or ranges of accounts.

o FlexiPayables includes enhanced check reconciliation; enhanced vendor relationships to provide a hierarchy and grouping of vendors; improved electronic fund transfer; enhanced payment control to present additional user options and purchase order to invoice matching.

o FlexiReceivables has cash receipts and cash application functions available at the invoice line item detail level; unlimited customer structure; account masks to provide flexibility when determining the proper accounts receivables, adjustment, sales, etc.; general ledger account; enhanced skeleton invoices to provide extended support for recurring invoices and installment programs; and automatic rules-based cash application function.

o FlexiPurchasing provides requisition tracking and merging into purchase orders; purchase order tracking; standard order support and blanket order support; Request For Quotation (RFQ) tracking and response comparison; and improved interface to Inventory Management systems.

o FlexiAssets has unlimited depreciation books; pre-defined and user-defined depreciation schedules; multiple scanned images per asset; and component tracking.

"We chose object-oriented client/server solutions with the intention of empowering our end-users," said Ed Harding, Director, Systems Development at Wheels, Inc. "The development of the FlexiFinancials suite reinforces our decision because key enhancements such as common look-and-feel and third-party application support allow our users to better navigate through each product in the suite while still being able to utilize underlying enterprise data."

Pricing and Availability

FlexiFinancials application modules are currently available and range in price from $75,000 to $125,000 based upon volume and type.

System Requirements

FlexiFinancials client hardware requirements include an Intel 386 or higher, Microsoft certified PC, 8 MB RAM (16 MB recommended) and 350 MB hard disk for current product suite.

FlexiFinancials run across a broad range of database and operating system environments. Supported client operating systems include Microsoft Windows, Windows for Workgroups, Macintosh, Win OS/2 and OS/2 Warp. FlexiFinancials will support native Microsoft Windows 95 and Sequel 6.0 within 60 days of their availability.

Server hardware requirements include NT Server, UNIX (RS/6000, DEC, HP9000, Sun), IBM AS/400, Novell Server, OS/2 or IBM MVS Mainframe. Network Protocol requirements include Novell Netware (IPX/SPX), LANWorkPlace (TCP/IP), Microsoft LANManager (NetBEUI), IBM LANServer (NetBIOS) or UNIX.

FlexiInternational Software Inc., founded in 1991, is a privately-owned company based in Shelton, Connecticut with eight offices nationwide. FlexiInternational Software Inc. develops, markets, services and sells the FlexiFinancials family of client/server financial applications to organizations with sophisticated accounting needs. FlexiFinancials application modules include FlexiLedger, FlexiPayables, FlexiReceivables, FlexiAssets, and FlexiPurchasing. FlexiInternational also markets its FlexiDeveloper tool set to its customers and development partners. FlexiInternational Software is dedicated to providing accounting software optimized for distributed client/server environments.

CONTACT: Peter A. Morgan Lisa Nold or Katie Marco

FlexiInternational Lois Paul & Partners

(800) 353-9492 or (617) 862-4514
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Date:Jun 13, 1995
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