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Fleet and industrial supply center Jacksonville visits Navy Supply Corps School.

The Navy Food Management and Fleet Assist Teams assigned to FISC Jacksonville recently conducted a training visit to the 4th Battalion Graduating Class of new Supply Corps officers Dec. 2-4 to promote FISC's new motto of "one stop shopping" to the fleet. The seven-member team headed up by CSCM (SW/AW) Cindy Mooney and SHCM (SW) Manny Trevino conducted a three-day seminar to better prepare the graduates for their new fleet assignments as food service officers and sales officers.

The team conducted training on FISC's role in supporting the war fighter and the importance of the NFMT's and S-3 Fleet Assist Teams to the fleet. Additional topics covered were Army veterinary support, NAVSUP dietician and nutrition services, and food service equipment support.

Information was provided on the role of the NAVSUP corporate chef in the Adopt-a-Chef & Adopt-a-Ship programs and American Culinary Federation (ACF) Certification to support the Navy Knowledge Online web site and the 5-Vector Module. The visit wrapped up with a garnishing demonstration, the every popular Supply Corps tradition of the "Chicken Presentation" and a culinary food show to introduce new and improved food items to the graduating class. It was a great time for all in attendance!

Under the Transformation Initiative, the Navy Food Management Team (NFMT) and Fleet Assist Team (FAT) were realigned under the FISCs. Like the FISCs, the teams' focus is all about looking after the war fighter through the provision of training, advising and aiding in the preparation for inspections and audits. "Training, not inspection" to the fleet is their motto.

NFMT and FAT areas of responsibility include over 90 facilities in the Southeast Region. If you have any concerns about your command's customer service techniques or are preparing for an upcoming Supply Management Assist/Supply Management Inspection (SMA/SMI), don't hesitate to contact your local FISC and schedule a supply training assist visit. Remember, preparation is the key to success.

CSCM(SW/AW) Cindy Mooney, Officer in Charge, and CSCS(SW/AW) Tony Daning, Senior Instructor, Navy Food Management Team, Naval Station Mayport, Fla.

CSCM (SW/AW) Cindy Mooney was previously stationed on board the USS Mount Whitney (LCC 20).

CSCS (SW/AW) Tony Daning's recent duty assignments include USS Boone (FFG 28); the Regional Support Group, Mayport, Fla.; SMI Inspection Team; and Commander, Cruiser-Destroyer Group 12 as part of the USS Enterprise Battle Group Staff.
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Author:Mooney, Cindy; Daning, Tony
Publication:Navy Supply Corps Newsletter
Date:Mar 1, 2004
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